I originally saw this wedding from Rebecca Rosconi Photography in a recent issue of Wedding Style Guide and couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite images here. I have such a sweet spot for vintage wedding dresses…






Photography by Rebecca Rosconi


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magnolia | Reply

so sweet! adore her headpiece!

Caitlin | Reply

I absolutely adore her dress – any idea of where I might find it?

Jessica Sutton | Reply


I love the lace!

Everything has such a fun fresh feeling to it

Jess aka Shoestring Bride | Reply

Beautiful. Love the gloves, the veil, the shawl. Just simply in love!

Kush | Reply

Gorgeous wedding!!!…and it is in Bowral, Australia! I knew I recognised it! I’m getting married at this place in a few months! Seeing this got me all excited ! :-)

Kara @ With This Favor | Reply

Absolutely beautiful photos! I don’t think they could have picked a better setting. And the clothing for both is perfect, especially her dress. How stunning! :-)

Debbie - BridalHood.blogspot.com | Reply

Her dress and shawl are outstanding and I LOVE the vintage windows in the last post – something I’ll be including in my wedding

Briana | Reply

I’m with Magnolia, that headpiece is great! Any idea where she got it?

baby crib | Reply

I never knew vintage can be that beautiful! Very stunning! And her hairpiece is so nice!

Jeana | Reply

Maybe if more people ask, we’ll get an answer :) Where did she get the dress and headpiece? I love the vintage bride look!

emily | Reply

hey guys

sadly, I don’t know anything about her headpiece or dress. sorry I couldn’t be more help:(



Dina @ White Thread | Reply

I love the whole look, especially the antiquey color of the roses. Goes so well with the overall look.

Lisa Rae | Reply

This couple is effortlessly classy.The lace shawl and gloves,so beautiful…Im going to research more info on the dress!

wl | Reply

She’s a cougar! so stylish:)

Marija | Reply

I love this wedding. The bride’s headpiece is so elegant and truly amazing!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jessica | Reply

I’m also in love with the headpiece and dress! The pictures all came out so lovely!

Stacey Ilyse Photography | Reply

This whole thing has a beautiful feeling..the antique roses, the vintage accessories, so well executed.

giovanna | Reply

This whole wedding is gorgeous, from head to toe! I love the veil and dress. I have a vintage wedding on my site today too, but it’s the exact opposite – a 1950 princess style dress with a long train. they’re all so interesting.

Rosanna | Reply

I love the flowers and the gloves, but also the general feel of it. Can you give the credits for the flowers and gloves? Thank you so much!

CestSuperbe | Reply

Beautiful flowers (and car!)

Naomi | Reply

I adore the flowers and shawl. Might have to show my florist tomorrow.

Rosanna | Reply

I would like to know the name of the florist who did the bouquet and also know where the gloves were purchased.

emily | Reply

Hey Rosanna

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about this wedding:(. If I come across anything in my search I will definitely send you an email. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.



Lillian and Leonard | Reply

That dress is truly incredible. I love it.


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