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Putting this post together felt like I was making the next great date night movie! Does it seem like it could be a movie to you?? Such a beautiful couple–and they’re so sweet with each other…  And I love the photography, KT! Gorgeous images! I have so many favorites but my favorite detail is the way the taxi cabs are reflected in the window when they’re kissing in the coffee shop. So good.

Photography: KT Merry  //  Hair: Drybar  //  Makeup: Dawn Spinner  //  Ring: Kwiat  //  Dress: Sandro  //  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  //   Jeans: Current Elliot  // Her blazer: Cartonnier  //  Shoes: Costume National  //  Blouse: Tucker  //  Sandals: Luiza Barcelos  //  Jeans: Helmut Lang


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Bryce Covey | Reply

I LOVE the black and whites especially!

Chloe | Reply

So pretty, KT! Just love this soft film look-it really is so romantic.

Sara Roeder | Reply

Totally agree, this is the next date night movie!! Love this shoot!

Sarah B | Reply

Love it, so cute!!

Joco Foto | Reply

love the tree details and the window reflection picture, very awesome!

antique engagement rings | Reply

great shoot… you both have great style!

Lisamarie | Reply

This could be one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever. I had my hair done at the Drybar prior to taking my engagement pictures also!

Yesmy Bride | Reply

Such sweet moments captured forever and a very lovely couple! Great stuff!

Shirley | Reply

Wonderful shoots!Cute couple!I love her shoes!All of them are awesome!

Christian Louboutin | Reply

L’amour est deux personnes avec voyage romantique, main dans la main, dans le gravier dans les rues, à pied. Ne vous souciez pas d’y aller. Est-ce que suis très heureux, votre bonheur enviable!

premiumpress coupon | Reply

this is amazing post

Clarry | Reply

Delighted so much and i must appreciate this info. I just amazed to gather this all info at one time on one post.

Nisha | Reply

This could be one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever. I had my hair done at the Drybar prior to taking my engagement pictures also!

johnbaradshaw | Reply

i like blue and black dress code boys , this is a new trend for fashion style for youngster

Shaw | Reply

awesome… lovely

MegaBox HD | Reply

Wow that’s a fantastic post.
Loved the photographs collection you have posted.
They are awesome and lovely.

Caitlin Culligan | Reply

hi KT! Would you be able to share the name of the coffee shop?

bella hunt | Reply

you guys look so good with each other. i really love your pictures and i also want photo shoot like yours.

Ava | Reply

Nice collection of photos and make a dairy on website or blog is the best way to collect memories forever. Keep it Up…..

Sofisuhail | Reply

So cute, Love it

Sofisuhail | Reply

This is very suitable

Sofisuhail | Reply

amazing to see this

happy wheels | Reply

If you’re not ready to go home. Can I get a hell no, cause we gonna go all night. Till we see the sunlight alright

sonu | Reply

This is really good

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