You’ll have to forgive me if The Free Wedding ends up being the longest feature in the history of Once Wed. It was nearly impossible to only pick a few from the 100+ spectacular images Our Labor of Love sent over last week, so I couldn’t resist going a little overboard with the posting today. I can’t tell you what an honor it was to work alongside such an incredibly talented group of vendors for this event, and I’m so excited to be the lucky blogger who gets to unveil it first on Once Wed. Joy Thigpen, the brilliant designer behind this wedding, was kind enough to pop in for the day to share some lovely details from Sam and Kaitlyn’s wedding and how it came to be…

Basically, a few friends got together and decided we wanted to do a photo shoot together to showcase our work. By the bottom of our coffee cups, the little photo shoot had evolved into a full-blown fake wedding, at which point, the light bulb went off in all our minds, why not have a real wedding where we get free reign and someone gets a free wedding! So a contest was held and one month before the wedding, Sam, Kaitlyn and little Jonah were the lucky winners.







Are you loving what your seeing? Stay tuned for so many more details coming up next…

Photography by Our Labor of Love


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Miss Yap | Reply

I love her shoes! And the invitations

And how great is that that someone has a free wedding!

miss. Yap | Reply

I love the invitations! And the shoes! A free wedding? How delightful!

kat - rock n roll bride | Reply

wowzer these are amazing. it looks like a totally kick ass wedding!

Liene Stevens | Reply

Love the entire concept and all four posts. Are there only four posts? There could easily be 10 – such warmth, fab details and joyous emotion.

Nicole | Reply

What a gorgeous photo shoot down to the very last detail.. and what a lucky couple!

rhoda | Reply

love love love this post and the details of this wedding! I included the invitation picture and a link to this post in our “Inspire Me Monday” post today! Thanks!

Lollipop Events & Designs | Reply

This whole wedding is just incredible. No words, besides absolutely amazing.

Cori_Jessy - August and Everything After | Reply

Amazing colors. That last picture is so great! Didn’t know a cow’s skull could be so attractive looking.

susanbf | Reply

This is FUNTASTIC!!! I am an event/class reunion/family reunion/church functions and whatever else art and creation designer (that’s a long title isn’t it) and this stuff is BIG..BIG..BIG this year. My friends and i started this little venture a few years ago when we clients/wedding people wanted different ideas for a simple…small…second or third wedding. The big “let’s spend a great amount of money and see who can top the other bling bride” weddings are disappearing due to the “economic meltdown” in America today…in other words…we ain’t got the money to have a fancy smancy wedding…so what can we do ourselves…save some money so we can build a house instead (with a hot tub)…but be a fun and sentimental wedding. This definitely fits the bill!!! So incredible and the photographer did a perfect job!!! love the photos and all the “so creative” ideas. It makes me want to get married again…to the same man of course!!!!!!

andrea k | Reply

where are the bridesmaid dresses from?!?!?!

Kate | Reply

The dresses are from Etsy vendor sohomode–LOVE them!!!

Amy | Reply

This is incredible. I love those bridesmaid dresses!

Carly | Reply

I was hoping to find out who did the wedding cake…