If you can’t already tell…we had a lot of fun of putting together this event. A lot of love and time went into making this wedding happen, but I think everyone involved would do it over again in a heartbeat. We’ve got one more post coming up, but I will leave you with the last post of images from Our Labor of Love. Check out Sam and Kaitlyn’s getaway at the bottom…







Stay tuned for Sam and Kaitlyn’s adorable Super 8 film coming up next!

Photography by Our Labor of Love


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honeymyheart | Reply

fabric flowers are just soo pretty!!

travelling bride | Reply

i dream of having a wedding this amazing and please please tell us how to make those cool hanging flowers.

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

I am floooooored by these beautiful images. It looked just amazing. Great job to all involved. And congrats to the happy couple, of course.

Morgan | Reply

Those fabric flowers are fantastic… please do a how-to for a diy project!

That's Kafunny | Reply

Gosh, I love how those paper strings look. I bet they would look nice in a Christmas party. Love it!

Ashley | Reply

Was this at Sun in My Belly? I saw the lockers all decorated at brunch the other day and thought how beautiful and quirky it was. This looks great, and if SiMB did the food, you know the food was awesome!