I always jump at the chance to brag on my friend, Joy Thigpen. Very few people have such a mind blowing talent like Joy has when it comes to designing and styling events…seriously. There are no limits to what she can come up with, and I love how every wedding she designs is a true reflection and celebration of the couple she is working with(which is what its truly all about at the end of the day, ya know?). Oh, and did I also mention they always turn out to be drop dead gorgeous events…










Stay tuned for Part II of their reception coming up next!

Photography by Our Labor of Love


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Hannah | Reply

What an amazing wedding. The cake with the flower topper is absolutely divine.

Catherine | Reply

the fabric flower garlands are such a cute idea. im “borrowing” this idea for my own wedding. my diy list is getting way too long from reading your gorgeous site.

Gabrielle | Reply

I also LOVE the flower garlands. Can a girl get a little DIY how-to? Please?

kristen | Reply

thirding the garlands – would love a how-to or even if they’re available for purchase :)

Elisabeth | Reply

What a wonderful decoration, I love the flower garlands. Thank you for making me discover Joy Thigpen’s work !

Sarah | Reply

Everything is so beautiful! And I agree, I would love to see a how-to on the amazing flower garlands!

robin | Reply

the food looks so yummie!

Rachel (joliejolie) | Reply

This wedding is so colorful! i love it! the tissue garlands are wonderful

Peonies and Polaroids | Reply

What an unbelievably beautiful wedding, every time I see the pictures I catch my breath.

ZoeyZoey | Reply

Love the flower garlands and would love to make or buy my own. Could you share the how-to or where-to? If anyone has found anything on these – could you please share? Thank you Thanks!

Dolci Odille | Reply

We’re hoping to get a DIY tutorial up soon for the fabric flower garland. But if you can’t wait until then, we are taking custom orders, so email us for more info.

MJ Molas | Reply

I loooove the garlands! lovely!

Anne Marie | Reply

Amazing. love the eclectic vases and organic “India meets Romantic Garden” feel. yummm …makes me want to rewed my hubby… or at least throw a party.