I couldn’t resist posting some details of the charming, Sun in My Belly, where the event was held. This isn’t a typical wedding venue which is why the team thought it would be the perfect place to throw Sam and Kaitlyn’s not so typical wedding. Sun in My Belly is not only an amazing, local restaurant here in Atlanta, but it also doubles as an event venue for couples who are looking for something a little more personal and low key. More from Joy Thigpen..

They love bright earthy colors–cobalt blue, bright green and brown are their favorite. I decided to use these colors as the base of their palette and since the wedding would be held in May, I wanted to brighten everything up with a rainbow of happy colors. The more I heard Kaitlyn talk, I just saw their wedding being this, really laid-back, Blue Sky, Happy Day in May type of party…and it was!






When the idea of hanging paper from the ceiling was mentioned, it took all of a 2 seconds before everyone was on board with the idea. I mean how amazing are those paper streamers? So much more coming up…

Photography by Our Labor of Love


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Meredith | Reply

Now this is one wedding I would have loved to attend. Streamers from the ceiling? Funnest idea EVER!!!!!

Melanie | Reply

I’m dying over those paper streamers. Love, love, love.

Branden M. Collins | Reply

Sun In My Belly! I live right down the street from this place, how awesome!

andrea k | Reply

how do i copy those streamers? they arent normal streamers. i LOVE this idea!!!

emily | Reply

We tore long strips of paper to create them.