It is always a wonderful day on Once Wed when we have the opportunity to feature another beautiful wedding from Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie. Teresa and Shah have been attending the same farmers market for 10 years in Santa Monica, so when one of the regulars, Windrose Farms, offered their property for the wedding the couple knew it was a perfect fit.  It was very important to Teresa for everything to be very eco conscious, and wanted as little waste as possible…







Photography by Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie

Stay tuned for Part II coming up next!


Comments (16)

Tonia | Reply

I love that the bride and groom served their family tea. Really sweet. They look like an insanely cute couple.

Ann | Reply

I really hope part II tells us where that amazing dress is from!

Mouse | Reply

How cute is she! I love the bright splashes of pink, and she is ROCKING that shorter dress!

Chocolate Butterbean | Reply

I adore that little dress she is wearing! And that “we are blessed” painting behind them is awesome . . . love it!

jess | Reply

dress? dress? where is it from?

Kk | Reply

I would love to know about her dress too!

jess aka shoestring bride | Reply

Love the dress. I was wondering where to have the tea ceremony before the wedding or at it. Cuteness.

Kirsten Ellis | Reply

I am sure Teresa will be on to answer quesitons soon, but I know she bought it at a vintage store in Los Angeles.

ms. awesome | Reply

OMG! We were just looking at these same photos on our coffee table last night! I’m so excited to have Kirsten photograph our wedding next year!

miamoto | Reply

the tea serving is a cultural ceremony that is performed by most east asian families. However, most tea ceremonies I’ve attended have been on a seperate day, or in the morning of the wedding day. I really like the idea of incorporating into the civil part of the wedding – what a great idea!

Sarah | Reply

The green dress!!! Does anyone recognize or know where to get the green dress in the tea picture? That’s exactly the kind of thing I want for my bridesmaids.

Teresa | Reply

The dress I purchased at Shareen Vintage for <$100. I believe it was from the 50's, and I altered it so that the straps were removed and the tulle peeked out from underneath :)

Adriana | Reply

Ah yes, the traditional tea ceremony. We went to one last year, it was so lovely. Held on the morning of the wedding, the couple served the elders tea and gave the younger ones money in envelopes. I LOVE cultural aspects in weddings!

Heather | Reply

I’m the wearer of the green dress! I found it on a sale rack at Lord and Taylor earlier in the year.

Eneida | Reply

Theresa, I love everything about your wedding! I especially love that you wore a short dress and that you wore red shoes! I think I may have to borrow that idea! Congratulations and may God bless you and Shah!

ktrn | Reply

Those shoes are amazingly beautiful!

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