A few months ago I showed you guys the adorable engagement photos of Kendall and Manny and ever since then, I’ve been dying to see how their wedding photos would turn out. I just love this couple’s unique, fun sense of style. So when their photographer, Nancy Neil, sent me these images, I just about fell over. Aren’t they the cutest? They add such a stylish charm to just about everything they touch. I can’t get enough! Here are a few words from Nancy about the wedding itself…

I love this wedding because it was achieved with an extremely small budget. Her mother in law made her wedding gown, Vivi’s dress and Kendalls’ evening party dress. The groom is a well established dj…hence the boombox to go down the isle. They designed the invites and printed cd’s for all the guests. Kendall even made the “loot for love” bags filled with treats, directions, maps, etc for all her friends and family from out of town. She delivered them to the hotel and had them left at each pillow. ┬áThe flowers were traded for and a friend made her gold hair barrett which bears her wedded last name. The ceremony took place in a beautiful downtown Santa Barbara Park and the dinner and reception were held in local old-time locations.

Blue Wedding Shoes

Pink Wedding Dress

Blue Wedding Tux

Pink Flower Girl Dress

Gold Wedding Hairpiece

Pink Wedding Dress Ideas

Nancy Neil Weddin Photography

Unique Los Angeles Wedding

Nancy Neil Photography

Los Angeles Bar Wedding Venue

Photography by Nancy Neil


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a thousand mason jars | Reply

manny! oh my gosh, what a beautiful wedding…and such a coincidence that i know the groom! we worked together eons ago…

i LOVE her hair clip. perfection.

Jacqui-Bay | Reply

Her dress is KILLER! She looks like an amazing little cup-cake princess!

Estefy | Reply

Ahhhhhh the bride of my favorite wedding dress to date! Love their pics, too lovely!

Tiffany | Reply

Awwwww the back of the dress is stunning. the little girl is too cute


linkcreations | Reply


Alejandra | Reply

You had me at the hair piece. SO unique!!!

Natalie | Reply

does anyone know where that hair piece is from?

Marie | Reply

I gotta ask, where did the bride get her shoes? They’re fantastic!

Emily | Reply

Beautiful, creative….inspirational! thanks for sharing.

Gretal | Reply

Wow! How unique and beautiful. I must know the location(s) of ceremony and reception!! I am just beginning to plan my own simple budget wedding in SB and I’ve got to know where this took place!! Thank you!

Krystal | Reply

Who made that positively delicious gown! Want it want it want it!!!

Melissa | Reply

Wow! A lovely wedding. I really love her dress, it is gorgeous and the hair clip is adorable.

Erin*Sparkle&Hay | Reply

i just adore her dress!!

Rute | Reply

The bride’s dress looks like it was great fun to wear :) Love the hair thingy!

Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations | Reply

Her dress is perfection!! Soft peach and gold together is one of my all time favorites. Do you know who the designer is??

Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations | Reply

Oops! I meant to say is her Mother in law a designer?? i want to put her to work if so!!!

Audrey | Reply

I second the question about where the reception and ceremony took place. I’m guessing Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens for the ceremony, and Stella Mare’s for the reception? I’d like to know for sure, though! This is literally the ONLY SB wedding I’ve ever seen on any blog that even implies it is a ‘budget’ wedding. Any help for a nonprofit employee planning an SB wedding would be much appreciated!

krissie | Reply

What an incredible dress!!! It’s so, so beautiful and is now my wedding dress inspiration!!

VT_Page | Reply

LOVE! The colors are so sleek and hip, the details are fabulous- the dress, the hairclip- hello, his TUX and the boombox picture SLAYED me. Great job, y’all!

copywaitress | Reply

stunning dress and beautiful pictures:)

Melody | Reply

Love her shoes! Any idea where to find nude/light pink heels? Would love them for my wedding in a couple months!

maky | Reply

thank you all for the comments about my sister in laws dress and thanks for appreiciating my mother’s beautiful design isn’t she wonderful!!!!!!! THAT’S MY MOM YA ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS DOES ANYBODY LOVE MANNYS SOCKS?

Audrey | Reply

After a second look, for anyone who was wondering where the reception was held, I am 99% sure it’s Harry’s, a local restaurant.

kylie | Reply

Does her mother in law make dresses to sale? I am very interested! Its amazing.

Catherine | Reply

Agreed- I really want the dress!!! Could someone post the website or contact info?

Lia | Reply

Oh. My. HAIRCLIP. Amaze-o!

london wedding photographer ramyad | Reply

Wow the dress is such a personal thing, especically with it being made from the mother in law. Wonderful!

megroro | Reply

LOVE the hair clip? How does it stay in the hair? I want to make one for myself even if I just wear it to work. Love the dress… perfection!

kendall | Reply

i had the hair clip held in my hair by a bobbie pin.. super easy!!! Stayed in all night!!! ALL NIGHT!!!

Heather | Reply

I am so in love with that dress! So flowy and layered, great ideas! Very chic looking, I really enjoy that, I might do something similar for my own wedding that I am in the beginning stages of planning. It is not easy throwing something like this together, I cannot believe I used to think all those brides were crazy stressing out! Santa Barbara is so ideal, I cannot wait to visit and check out some beaches and locations for possible places to hold my own wedding! We’re planning on staying at the Sandman Inn ( Cheap and readily available! Nothing too hard for me to think about which is exactly what I need right about now!