I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wanted to kick off today with one of the sweetest weddings I have ever come across. I don’t know too many details about this beautiful celebration, but I know it took place by the sea in Sweden and the bride wore Saja Bridal. Another reason to love intimate and small weddings…













Photography by Mikael Olsson


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Kate Murphy | Reply

That is the most beautiful dress! It fits so well with the intimate, simple wedding. I love this wedding so much!

Suzie | Reply

Wooow! Gorgeous. I love that dress as well

joanna goddard | Reply

SO cute. love love love this. her dress is gorgeous.

Angie | Reply

This wedding is epitome of romance! And her dress is jaw dropping.

Desiree | Reply

WOW…. Beautiful! What I’m even more impressed with is… was that their entire wedding ceremony? I want to know if they had a reception, if so, how big (or small) was that?! I need details, people! I’m trying to plan my own on a budget here! Hahah <3

emily | Reply

Hey Desiree

Yep. Just family and close friends at the edge of the waterfront. I’m pretty sure they just had dinner together after the wedding ceremony at a nearby restaurant.



Shannon Moore | Reply

What a beautiful location and I love her dress!

kristine | Reply

What a dream! Where is her dress from?

kristine | Reply

Just kidding, I see her dress is from Saja. LOVE IT

Meg @ Sienna Wedding | Reply

How lovely… her dress really compliments the intimate wedding feel.

Fri Bailey | Reply

This is Stunning…Love love LOVE IT.

Kathryn | Reply

Absolutely beautiful – great find Emily!

ruthyg | Reply

I am so happy to see her mother wore traditional Korean dress! My mom just purchased hers for my wedding. Stunning wedding!

jordan | Reply

oh wow, that dress is amazing. seriously gorgeous – i cannot stop looking at it. i’ll be getting married in the next two years and i .. HAVE to have this. have to. haha. thanks for sharing!!!! :)

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

It’s got that Northern light and the arrival by boat that make this wedding feel a bit like a fairytale.

It’s simply beautiful.

Tiffany | Reply

Love this! Looks like a simple and relaxed day! and the bride looks stunning!

Linn | Reply

I thought I recognized the surroundings! This country is so beautiful during summer! :) /proud Swede

True Blind Faith | Reply

What a beautiful setting! And such a sweet dress-perfection!

kate | Reply

What I love most is the contrast between their simple, crisp (yet dressy) clothes and the rugged, wild rocks and water around them. Too cool!

maura | Reply

love this! i bought this dress for my upcoming wedding, but it’s not right for me. going to be listing it on oncewed shortly!

Emily @ Peach & Pearl | Reply

Ahhh!! I love the idea of the bride arriving to the ceremony in a boat!

Kaitlin | Reply

Maura — If you don’t mind me asking, what size is your dress and where were you able to find it? I absolutely love/must have it!

wedding | Reply

This just reinforces my affection for small weddings. Simple and beautiful.

Megan | Reply

Stunnin, stunning, stunning!! The dress doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the Saja website anymore…anywhere else to buy??

Rebecca Paterson | Reply

The scenery is so beautiful and natural. This is quite a stunning wedding, yet so simple and elegant. I wish I was having my wedding there in Sweden.

Hanna Axelsson | Reply

How great to see a wedding from Sweden! We’re planning om getting married next year and thinking something small. So great to see how a elegant but simple wedding in the “skärgård” (“archipelagoe”s I think the english word is) could look like.

/Hanna and Andreas from Sweden

mjb | Reply

Love her dress and shoes!

Thea Bloch-Neal | Reply

Hello future Brides! I work for Saja and I would like to let you all know that although we do not have this gown for our current collection (it was from a past collection), due to the overwhelming response, we will be featuring it in our Fall 2010 Collection. Please email me at sajanyc@sajainc.com if you would like to be put on the notification list. Thank you for all of your kind words about our gowns!

Heather | Reply

Maura, I’ve been scouring the web for this dress. Will you let me know when you’ve posted it? hevuva@gmail.com

Pensacola Beach weddings | Reply

Sigh. Romance is in bloom. Love the dress and they make an adorable couple. The kiss on the bridge is sweet. I never knew Sweden was so beautiful. Congratulations!

D | Reply

LOVE the dress!

Wedding Photography NC | Reply

Fabulous location, so intimate and beautiful!

Naomi | Reply

Perfection down to EVERYTHING! Super cool!

blanche | Reply

exactly the kind of wedding i like! how come i haven’t seen her dress on saja’s website? looking for something like it for our beach wedding too!

Heather | Reply

Hey! I bought this dress this week. I tried it on and it’s GORGEOUS and just what I wanted, but doesn’t fit me exactly right. It’s a size 6. I’m selling it on oncewed, or you can email me at hevuva@gmail.com.

Sarah | Reply

I love a bride who knows the most beautiful thing about a wedding is the love between her and her groom. The simplicity of this charming wedding let’s the bride and groom shine. Spectacular, without the pomp and circumstance!

Kelly | Reply

I was married on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The ocean makes a great backdrop to a wedding.

rasheeda | Reply

Sooki…your wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking.

Monika | Reply

The Stockholm Archipelago, which is where I believe this wedding was held, is amazingly beautiful and magical… One of our favourite vacations, ever. I encourage you all to go see it for yourselves…

Patti Wallington | Reply

What a beautiful wedding! I love the shots by the Ocean..great job!

Sally | Reply

Very Romantic wedding it was my dream to had a wedding by the sea but, I was had my in the golf course 090909 :)

bigsands | Reply

Just found this wedding. Great idea and well executed by the sea. Are you sure that this was in Sweden, the water looks lovely, the weather is warm…..

festklänningar | Reply

Most romantic places….

balklänningar | Reply

Its very romantic and heart touching….

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