The lovely, Kate Murphy, was kind enough to send over a lovely, garden wedding she recently photographed to share with us today on Once Wed. Stephen and Katie were married at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens last month on a sunny afternoon surrounded by close family and friends. I have to admit her dress with the bow on the back had me at hello. So so pretty…









More of Katie and Stephen’s lovely wedding coming up next!

Photography by Kate Murphy


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nicole b. | Reply

What a handsome couple. And that dress – WOW! So elegant. Love the invitations and silhouette design, too. Thanks for sharing!

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

That dress is so feminine and pretty, and I love the colors they chose. This is an awesome site.

Magdalena | Reply

The back of the dress is really great, simple yet sexy, but what I like the best is her bouquet! Lovely, thanks for sharing :)

Bridechka | Reply

Her dress is just stunning!

Mariana | Reply

what a pretty dress! love it!

Stephanie | Reply

I’d love to know where they got their invitations done. I just love that style.

amy t schubert | Reply

what a GORGEOUS yummy suit/tie …

K | Reply

Yes, any idea who designed the dress?

Melanie | Reply

Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful and detail-filled yet understated wedding. So beautiful.

Does anyone know who designed that gorgeous dress?

Christine | Reply

(not the bride) but my guess is the dress is Nicole Miller FA0006. I tried it on, but it did not look as good on me as the models or this bride. If it isn’t the NM, then the NM comes terribly close!

katie | Reply

Thanks for all the lovely comments. My dress is by Nicole Miller.

The invitations were done by a great letterpress shop here in Knoxville, Yee-Haw Industries. Here’s their site: http://www.yeehawindustries.com/home.html. They also have an etsy account. Great people.

Janet | Reply

What gorgeous pictures, each one is more beautiful than the next. The images are so captivating and different from some of the traditional, same old posed photos that I felt I was actually in the middle of the festivities. Very talented photog with quite an eye for detail. Does photog also do family sittings, portraits?

Dana Cordova | Reply

Love the paper collateral–really great and fits so well with the setting.

joanna goddard | Reply

her dress is so beautiful! what a wonderful find! xoxo

the sassy kathy | Reply

yes, its definitely the nicole miller. i’m on pretty good authority b/c i’ve been obsessed with it for ages. its gorgeous. tried it on and its absolutely stunning. unfortunately, i found it a tad uncomfortable since the sleeves are connected to the bow and i could barely move my arms. alas.

stunning wedding! congrats :)

Amy | Reply

Great wedding. Love the details. All of it, stunning.

Cheyanne | Reply

Are you an ultimate player? I love the frisbees… So cute and such an awesome keepsake. My husband and I are both ultimate players and I wish we would have thought of this for ours.

Bianca | Reply

This is absolutely lovely! I am trying to use hydrangeas for my own quickly approaching wedding, however, I bought a couple to see how they hold up and they wilted in less than 30 minutes in water :/ Any ideas on how you managed to keep yours looking so stunning and not dead?

katie | Reply

We cut the hydrangeas on Friday, put them immediately into water and stored them in a cool dark basement room until the day of. I think cutting them in the morning (or evening) when it’s cooler could help too. Good luck.

another Katie | Reply

I’m a little late to respond to this, but I was just wondering, Katie, did you do your own flowers? I’d guess from the above comment you did, but I’m looking for a florist in the Knoxville area and would love a recommendation. I’m a native Tennessean who’s moved out of state, getting married back home, so doing my own isn’t an option for me, alas. The whole wedding is really lovely. Many congratulations.

rachel thomas | Reply

most gorgeous wedding dress ever

Heidi Davis | Reply

I’m looking to get married here this next summer. Any pros/cons of the venue?