Have you heard of The Flashdance? It’s an amazing collaborative made up of Max Wanger, Ashley Meaders, Michael aka “The Human Jukebox”, Shark Pig, and Our Labor of Love. They recently all got together to celebrate the wedding of Max and Margaux, which I can’t wait to share with you on Monday. Above is an amazing little stop motion film courtesy of the talented Jesse Chamberlin with some help from Brian. She had Max and Margaux come up with secret messages for one another before the wedding, and then she cut them out on sheets of paper to hang in the bushes for one another. There’s so much more to share with you on Monday, but I hope this tides you over until then…


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katiejolb | Reply

Seriously?! Such a great idea for such a sweet sweet sweet film.

WeddingXpert | Reply

So perfect. Sweet and simple. Made me smile!

Newly Domesticated | Reply

oh that is so freaking cute. | Reply

ahhhh cannot WAIT. anything that max touches turns to gold.

Elizabeth M. | Reply

Wow! This is so amazingly adorable. I can’t wait to see how their wedding!

paige appel | Reply

love those two. love that video. adorable!!

Taj | Reply

Where is her dress from? Love it!

Emily @ Peach & Pearl | Reply

This is ADORABLE! I just watched it three times in a row.

Mrs Jon Keith Diamonds | Reply

cant WAIT to see the rest Monday!


Marissa | Reply

Oh my god! She’s wearing my dream dress! Where is it from?! | Reply

Oh I am dying over there!! This is amazing!!

Roberta Farmer | Reply

I love this clip- its so retro and fun!
What is the music clip playing in the background?

the flashdance | Reply

roberta, the track in the video is called Zebra by Beach House (in my opinion the best album of this year so far for what it’s worth)

alannah | Reply

i was watching another of the beautiful videos from their day – the ceremony one, & was just wondering what was the music playing in that background, it totally makes me fall even more in love with the video!
thankyou :)

alannah | Reply

sorry i just realised the name of the song has already been posted by the flashdance!