outdoor california wedding

Check back tomorrow to see more from this lovely, backyard wedding from the amazing Sarah Yates


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stephanie | Reply

WOW! can’t wait to see more!

Sheila Baldwin | Reply

I was lucky enough to be at the wedding! You captured the moment, Congratulations!

Karen | Reply

i can not WAIT to see more!!! NOW NOW NOW!

Happy Nappy Bride | Reply

I’m with Stephanie and Karen…give us more!!

Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC | Reply

sarah yates is the best! :D there we go ;)

ajb | Reply

it looks so magical, romantic, and slightly mysterious! a perfect combination…

Marija | Reply

Very romantic, like a fairy tale. Please post the other photos!!!

Marilyn | Reply

this photograph is gorgeous- the colors are so lively- they tell the story themselves! Can’t wait for the rest of the post.

katealtmix | Reply

backyard!? this needs to be my backyard! such a beautiful setting!

Nik | Reply

It is a fairy tale! I have no words! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!