We’re really busy here at Once Wed this week, with a big project that I can’t wait to share with everyone. But I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the sweetest outdoor wedding I am featuring tomorrow. Rain, umbrellas, and sweaters…


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ktrn | Reply

I’m in love with the boots, what boots are they?

nicole b. | Reply

Lovely! So earthy and natural and serene. Those boots are killer, too! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos… you’re making us wait until tomorrow?? Oh, all right…

Hollie | Reply

So beautiful! I love the boots!

Amorology Weddings | Reply

Love the boots!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

jamie | Reply

i can’t wait to see the rest! its one of my favorites already!

Windsor Grace | Reply

I thought that was a modeling picture from an editorial at first. I love it!

Jasper | Reply

Ack! Its not up yet! I’m waiting…..


miss_inthia | Reply

I cannot wait to see more from this wedding.

Elizabeth | Reply

I’m with the others: the boots are awesome. So much so that I want a pair for myself. Who makes them?

nicole b. | Reply

Is it tomorrow yet? :)

chelsea | Reply

Ooh. This looks super pretty. Can’t wait to see!

Marie | Reply

love the sweaters! so comfortable!

Casey | Reply

So excited for the rest of the photos to be uploaded! The sneak peak is such a tease!

Braedon | Reply

For those of you wondering, the boots were Dolce Vita from Nordstrom. The whole wedding party was so awesome in the rain! Loved the short dresses with the boots.

eliza | Reply

love the bridesmaid’s dresses. where are they from? the whole wedding is so beautiful ;)

Lisa | Reply

love the pretty, soft sweaters

Kate | Reply

LOVE the brides sweater- where is it from? Also, the card rack that had the seating cards.. where did you find that? LOVE the wedding- just gorgeous!

Elizabeth Gray | Reply

This might be my favorite of all the weddings you have featured!!!!!! Love you!

Jamie | Reply

Agreed! The bride’s sweater is amazing and I’d love to find one for my January wedding just like it. How can we find out where she got it from?
Fantastic shots! :)

Patti Taylor | Reply

I attended the wedding..it was the most loving down to earth christian couple who are truly in love…God Bless this Union