Eileen And Tj 2

This time you’re going to have to wait for the rest of the credits until the last post… Well, I will tell you this: they were married at the Old Mission in Santa Ynez and the cocktail hour and reception was held afterward at their private property. The reception is coming up next…!

Photography by Jose Villa

Flowers by Brown Paper Design

Bridesmaid Dresses by Saja


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joel serrato | Reply

love it! such a beautiful wedding! i love the setting and the couple is so HOT! ;) thanks for featuring this ONCE WED!

lydia {ever ours} | Reply

such a beautiful BEAUTIFUL wedding. love the saja bridesmaid gowns. all so romantical.

aa | Reply

gorgeous! inspiring! lovely!

Anne-Marie | Reply

I love part II too! What are the red flowers in the small arrangements called?

nancy {so happi together} | Reply

Oh my everything is so gorgeous and the flowers are amazing! I am sending this post over to my Santa Ynez couple, tout suite!!

weddingchicks | Reply

so beautiful! nothing less that we would expect from jose and once wed. (:

Tiffany | Reply

Love those blush bridesmaid dresses http://outfitidentifier.com/

Luna | Reply

I love those bridesmaids dresses too! Good for you for picking out tasteful, beautiful dresses for them! I’ve been an ugly bridesmaid far too many times!
And I love how your dress is flowy similar to theirs. beautiful :)

danielle | Reply

Let’s do it again!!

It went too quick!

Joy- you are amazing!

joythigpen | Reply

aw, thanks, danielle, and it WAS to fast! we have to hang out next time. but you rocked it!
and anne-marie, those red flowers danielle used are dahlias…good ones!

Alan | Reply

Totally amazing photography as always from Jose, so dreamy, I just love it!