Ros and Blake were married at the gorgeous, Settlers Arms Inn in New South Whales, Australia surrounded by close family and friends. Doesn’t their wedding look like it came right out of a dream? I still can’t get over how incredibly romantic Ros’ wedding dress is. The lace detailing is like none I’ve ever seen, and the cut is just so timeless…






Are you swooning yet over this incredible wedding? So much more to come up next…

Photography by Bradley Patrick/SugarLove Weddings


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Thao | Reply

Perfect–her dress, her hair and makeup, her veil … everything! And I’d really like to get my hands on those programs.

Bridget | Reply

This would be my dream dress. Does anyone know who the designer is?

Tima | Reply

I would like to know the dress designer too! Could you tell us, pretty please?

gwell | Reply

designer’s name !!! please please please !!!!!

Katherine | Reply

May I please third the plea for the dress designer’s name? I have been looking everywhere for this very dress!

Erin | Reply

I’m going to fourth the request for the designer’s name. My mom would make my dress, but I’d really like this one.