As if Leah and Jon’s wedding wasn’t adorable enough, check out their incredible invites that Chelsea Petaja from Oh My Deer put together! Dont you just love Chelsea’s playful handwriting and illustration work? She’s got some serious talent!





Photography by Tec Petaja

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Angela | Reply

Oooo these are so fun!

Kathryn | Reply

Could Chelsea be any more talented? How fun!

brittany | Reply

would it be creepy to ask if I can have one of the cards with the little prince quote? It’s my favorite book of all time (i even have a tattoo of it) and I just love that card and would love to have it framed on my wall.

Leah | Reply

Brittany– we have some extra and I would be more than happy to send you one! We have a stack of extras. “The Little Prince” is our favorite and Chelsea did such an INCREDIBLE job with them. You can email me your contact info at and I shall stick one in the mail! :)

Christina | Reply

I love, love these invitations, beautiful!

Signe | Reply

these are so pretty and original, just love them :)

Gayle | Reply

Serious talent is right! I adore these!

Alex | Reply

I love the map! This idea is great!

melissa | Reply

Ah, Brittany and Leah made me happy this morning.

paige appel | Reply

these are gorgeous invitations, really nice Chelsea.

Cathy | Reply

I love love love this! Chelsea, is SO talented. Crazy bananas.

Ali | Reply

These are just the greatest. They make me want to scrap traditional invitations completely. So beautiful! | Reply

Chelsea has done it again :) Not surprised at the sheer amazingness of it all.

Michael and Anna Costa | Reply

These invitations are so playfull and pretty! Thanks for sharing.