Our color palette was very general, which worked for our location and
the type of casual atmosphere we wanted to create.  But the one
unexpected color that did continue to pop up was yellow: our tandem, my
shoes, Tec’s socks, our cake.  I’m not sure if it was
a subconscious choice, but I think it really helped to round out our
broad color scheme.


Our wedding pictures were a priority for us, so we wanted to have
plenty of time for our photographer to spend shooting just Tec and me
after the wedding.  To buy us some time, we allowed our guests to begin
eating whenever the barn was flipped into the reception space and we
also set up games for them to play, hoping they would feel that their
time was being well occupied.  The property we were on had several
huge, flat areas where we put out games of Blong (aka Ladder Golf aka
Hillbilly Horseshoes aka whatever-you-want-to-call-it; pictured above)
and Bocce Ball.  Not only did it allow us more time with the
photographer, but I think it took their minds off the fact that it was
98 degrees outside…


Aside from the barn being my dream location, one of my favorite aspects
of our wedding was the muslin fabric draping the doors. Joy found an
image of this online and we were both crazy about it.  The muslin used
was actually hung and used as decor at her wedding five years ago.

Chelsea has one more post for us today so stay tuned…


Comments (2)

edyta szyszlo photography | Reply

i love love love the vibe of this absolutely CHARMING wedding! super cute!

Jessica | Reply

I am looking everywhere for some colorful men’s socks. Any idea where Tec’s are from?

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