It was important for us to have everything at the wedding look… easy:
not stiff or perfect, totally informal, but completely beautiful,
rustic, homemade and us.  I feel that the tablescapes really embodied
this notion.  The wheat grass was grown by my mom 10 days (the perfect
number, she found out) before the wedding, the flowers were from my
grandparent’s garden and the roses were from their friend’s garden, and
the trinkets (clocks, tins, watches, bird figurines) were collected
from all over–friends, our own stuff, family, etc.


The trees that are sitting on some of the tables have a cool story to
them, too.  My sister was married in February of this year… only four
months apart.  It’s just the two of us in terms of siblings, and to be
honest, it’s not really surprising that it ended up happening that way.
We’ve been best friends since high school (after we got over the
“She’s looking at me and I hate her!” phase) and have
been inseparable since.  Anyway, her wedding was incredibly intimate,
held at a gothic chapel with tons of candles and romance.  She and her
husband stood among candles and tree branches from “dead” trees that my
mom bought at a nursery for $10 each!  So after the wedding, even
thought they were dead, we still couldn’t bring ourselves to just toss
So we kept them at my brother-in-law’s parent’s house, in pots
in their back yard.  About a month before the wedding, we checked on
their progress, thinking that even if they were only twigs, they still
might look pretty at our wedding.  What we found were tiny buds of
leaves and blossoms!  Fast forward to the day of the wedding.  The
trees were at the barn and we were planning on placing them around the
inside of the barn.  “What about putting them on top of the tables?”
Joy suggested.  Genius.  I love how that worked though; so casual and
spur of the moment… and totally perfect.

Chelsea, everything looks perfect! Thank you so much again for sharing your incredible wedding with Once Wed. Stay tuned for Chelsea’s last post of the week tomorrow…


Comments (3)

elizabeth | Reply

I love how everything is connected with family. Makes it all that more wonderful. Beautiful wedding!

LeeAnn | Reply

I remember seeing these beautiful images on Jose Vila’s blog and I fell in love with this wedding! What a gorgeous couple. Loved the images!

*B* | Reply

Everything is so magazine worhty. The flowers arrangements are just effortlessly beautiful!

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