August is going to be a busy month on Once Wed. We’re introducing new contributors, launching our vendor guide, and uploading a ton of new images to our galleries. We’ve already started loading some new weddings this week in our real wedding galleries, and the wedding of Paul and Cassie recently sent in by Jonas Peterson is one of my favorites. To see more of this wedding, click real weddings






P.S. – Our DIY projects will be back in full swing next week…

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Comments (10)

Sarah | Reply

Love the grey flower. Where is it from? Our wedding colors are orange and grey, so this would be perfect!

nicole b. | Reply

One of my favorite real weddings you’ve posted. What a handsome couple with great style. Thank you for sharing!

Jillian | Reply

Positively dear. I melted.

Norah | Reply

Those hearts on the wall are SO fabulous!

Lara | Reply

Hey! I know Jonas! :) Great job, man!

Lindy | Reply

What fun pictures. Love the one with the hearts!

joy thigpen | Reply

i have to agree…i LOVE the hearts!

cassie | Reply

hey sarah… the flower was a wonderful etsy find… the seller is VieModerne (
… all the best

bree | Reply

such a lovely wedding

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