Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to have Chelsea as a guest
blogger this week on Once Wed. The moment I set eyes on this gorgeous
wedding I immediately feel over head over heels for their elegant and
rustic celebration and immediately contacted her about featuring it on
Once Wed. Thankfully, she graciously agreed…

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about this lovely couple
over the last few weeks through emailing back and forth with Chelsea. Not only is Chelsea exceptionally kind and gorgeous, but she also has this insane talent for craft and design and Tec is an incredible wedding photographer. There is some serious creativity going on between these two!

Chelsea has gone above
and beyond
for her feature this week, so be on the lookout for incredible
pictures, awesome DIY ideas, and lovely inspiration boards!


A bit of information about how this adorable couple came to be…

Sometimes I still look over at Tec and wonder how we got here…
married!  Tec is so adventurous and outgoing and restless.  To give you
an idea of who Tec Petaja really is, in a marriage counseling class, we
had to rank our priorities with one to thirteen, with one being the
most important.  So when Tec put “Social Life” as number two and
“Communication” as number five, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  I, on
the other hand, can be reserved and self-conscious and consider “the
perfect night” as one where we’re sitting in our pajamas at nine
o’clock at night, eating pizza and watching ’30Rock’ on DVD.  We always
say that Tec gives me wings and I give him roots, and I know that some
of our polar-opposite qualities are what not only attracted us to
one another, but what made Tec so different from anyone else I’d dated.
All of a sudden, instead of dating a Boy-Chelsea, I found myself
drooling over a man who had climbed to the base camp of Everest, who
spent a few months in Asia, who lived in Hawaii for a stint, and was
(gulp)… northern?
Tec and I were introduced by my sister, Jordan, and
her now-husband, Jared.  Jordan and I were planning on moving to
Nashville after I graduated college, and the race to
“hook-Chelsea-up-with-one-of-Jared’s-friends” began.  It didn’t
take long for them to realize that Tec would be a perfect fit.  On
Valentine’s Day of ’06 I received an email from Tec, completely out of
the blue.  He wrote me a quick note before he left to go scalp tickets
for a Sigur Rós show. (Which I thought was totally hot and rebellious… because I pay full
price for my tickets…) Three weeks later, after only communicating
through email, Tec visited me in Georgia and my parent’s house…yep,
without even knowing what his voice sounded like.  Fast-forward
two-and-a-half-years and we’re standing in a barn in the countryside of
Tennessee, becoming one and pledging our eternal love to one another.
Stay tuned for more….

[Images c/o Jose Villa]



Comments (6)

elizabeth | Reply

What a beautiful couple! I can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding.

erica | Reply

Such a sweet couple. I love her dress!

chelsea | Reply

aw, thanks guys! don’t you just love that dress? my grandmother made it and it was the dress my mom wore to her wedding reception, which i in turn wore to my rehearsal dinner! if it’s not obvious already, we’re a pretty sentimental family… ha.

cyndi | Reply

I recently stumbled upon this stunning wedding via Jose Villa’s blog and am thrilled to learn more about the gorgeous couple! Their wedding is one I wish I’d been invited to – it looked out of this world amazing!

melanie carter | Reply

I also sow this wedding on jose villa’s website and fell head over heels in love with both of them! beautiful couple and amazingly beautiful wedding.

kiki | Reply

I agree her dress is goregous and the fact that it was her mother’s is adorable. I stumbled upon Chelsea’s blog and found pics. of her goregous wedding, not to mention her many lovely handmade creations! Love it!