I first met Evan when I was
eleven and he was twelve. At the time he called me on the phone to ask
me to go out with his best friend. I said yes and gained Evan as a friend
in the process. Later he would become my very best friend in high school.
After six years of friendship we took our relationship further and have
been together since. Despite four years enduring long distance our courtship
was easy given we already knew the other for half of our lives. Aside
from the fact our relationship was rooted in a long friendship loving
each other was easy given we had an interest and love for many of the
same things; travel; language; food (growing, sourcing, eating, cooking,
serving), the outdoors; food; music; history; and did I mention food?


In the winter of 2005 when
we gratefully ended a long distance relationship and began our lives
together we culminated our love for all of these things and took off
for a trip around the world. It was during this trip that it became
clear that we would not only be together for the rest of our lives but
we would most likely work closely alongside one another professionally
as well. At the end of this trip Evan and I symbolically put aside our
original goals of graduate school aside and decided to pursue a career
in the food industry. That summer we began a small booth serving food
sourced locally at the largest farmers market in our hometown of Portland,
Oregon. Our venture was successful and two years later we followed suit
by getting engaged and opening up our café, Little Red Bike.


Our café serves traditional
American comfort food with a twist. Evan and I spend our days creating
signature fried egg sandwiches, homemade pie and ice cream, specialty
grilled cheeses, and milkshakes in our own North Portland neighborhood.
Think fried egg sandwiches with prosciutto, caramelized onions and fig
jam, cheese sandwiches grilled in white truffle oil, and double salted
caramel milkshakes with candied bacon. There is very little in life
that gives Evan and I pleasure like feeding people and being fed. An
evening spent amongst the company of good food and good friends is our
idea of a slice of heaven. Needless to say we knew immediately for our wedding we would
surely make food the star.

Stay tuned for Ali and Evan’s invitations and programs…

[Images c/o Our Labor of Love]


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Chelsea | Reply

Yay Portlanders! I know this cafe- it’s famous! This wedding looks great.

Sally | Reply

I LOVE the Little Red Bike!! I can’t wait to see the food spread from their wedding. I can’t even imagine how incredible the food was!

myra :: twigs & honey | Reply

OMG! I am so happy you posted their wedding photos! These are so stunning. This is the first I’ve had a chance to see Ali & Evan’s wedding photos! I was so curious to see the big day when I heard about the overall look and style a few months ago – seeksucker suits, high-top converse, mint juleps, & mac n’cheese! So charming! Congrats you two!! Beautiful!!

Laurenrach | Reply

This so incredible and inspiring! Thank you for sharing this beautiful couples wedding, and whenever I am next in Portland I will HAVE to check out Little Red Bike!!!

Marni | Reply

Um, YUM. I think I want to honeymoon in Portland now!