When I first stumbled upon KC and Sara’s blog, I was instantly smitten with all the original and handmade elements from their wedding and it was only about 5 minutes before I was emailing Sara if I could feature her wedding on Once Wed. Its always amazes me just when I think I’ve seen everything the wedding community has to offer – I stumble upon something else that blows my mind.  The “outdoor chapel” KC and Sara created with the help of family and friends is absolutely incredible and was definitely a true labor of love. Sara drew out exactly what she wanted and everyone got to work breaking apart planks and putting them back together to create the beautiful setting you will see below. Sara was also sweet enough to take time out of her day to share more details from her wedding with us, so I’ll let her take it from here…

KC is a sound
at Whirling Dervish
and I am an interactive designer at
Razorfish . I also do freelance
interactive & print design work 
. As
middle school sweethearts (celebrating 8 years together this year!),
we have a lot of history and have been impacted by so many people throughout
the years. We had 200 guests- family, friends from middle school, high
school, college, church, from even as far as Estonia. You name it, they
were invited. Even though it was “our day”, we really wanted
to create an experience that our guests would remember- something that
was a true representation of who we’ve become as a couple over the past
7 years.

Since we are both professional creatives,
we wanted to express the creativity that’s part of our daily lives through
our wedding. I derived the most inspiration from Anthropologie,
especially these two photos. (And who isn’t inspired by their gorgeous floor
sets?) I browsed the wedding circuits, but since we didn’t want it to
be wedding-y, the most interesting features of our wedding are original



We tiled
a fun photo onto cardboard and attached them to streetsigns on the way
there. (It’s not in the photo, but we attached a bunch of white balloons
to each sign so that it looks like I’m holding them)

n71101915_31684727_7252unique farm ideas1n71101915_31684730_8243unique farm wedding ideas1

We created an “outdoor
chapel” for the ceremony site out of palette wood, old windows,
an old mantle, and a chandelier hanging over us (I drew a quick sketch
and my husband and dad created it!).

n71101915_31684732_8886lace wedding dress ideas1n71101915_31685072_2979n71101915_31685079_8501n71101915_31685136_4350n71101915_31685150_3690unique farm wedding ideas3n71101915_31685172_7433n71101915_31685204_7615n71101915_31685211_4680

[Images c/o Kyle Hale]

Details from the reception are coming up next…


Comments (9)

Chelsea | Reply

what a cool couple. this is so unique. i love it.

Jessica | Reply

WOW!!!! How cool is that outdoor chapel? Seriously, how do people come up with this stuff?

Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry | Reply

Absolutely amazing! I’m floored by this one, truly.

DL | Reply

the plank idea is pretty sweet. i want an outdoor chapel at my wedding too

MsTeacherLady | Reply

INCREDIBLE ceremony site! Wow!

Sherita | Reply

What a Quirky & Fun couple!!

kib | Reply

A church without walls-love the concept!

Cally Moore | Reply

I love this!!.. Great idea I would love the have something like thta at mine.

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