We sent them
out as fun postcards. I used one of our engagement photos for the front
and applied the wedding date and a decorative border to the suitcase.


I designed and letter
pressed the booklets with a purple tone-on-tone faux bois cover. (We
actually used clear ink that just looks like a darker color.) I incorporated
our names and silhouettes in the knot of the wood on the cover.

purple wedding ideas13196853421_832e388b8d3196853775_daf06e169d

The inside
included the formal invitation, a hand drawn map and a postcard for
the response card. Out of town guests had an additional perforated piece
with travel information on half, and a response card for the rehearsal
dinner. We assembled the whole thing by hand, sewing each book up with
some string. 


Since we got married
outside in the August heat of Georgia, we wanted to give the guests
a little help by making the wedding programs into fans.


We purchased peach
salsa in mini jars for our guests. I then created a faux bois design
with our silhouettes in the knot (matching our invitations) and printed
them in our wedding colors on craft paper and attached each wrapper
to the jar around the neck with twine. 


Sara, thank you again for taking the time to get together everything for your guest blog today. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

I have an AMAZING giveaway coming up next! It is our biggest one to date and you definitely don’t want to miss out on finding out how to enter…


Comments (13)

Kara | Reply

Those peach favors are awesome. I love it!

Kathryn | Reply

Great feature – so many incredibly creative details!

Whitney | Reply

I love the purple booklets. What a great idea!

mint | Reply

i can’t get enough of their stationery – the wood grain with the silhouettes, and on that brown paper on the jars – just stunning!

Teresa | Reply

Sara! Oh wow. Your details are flawless. I can’t get enough of these pics!

Amber | Reply

This is all really pretty!

Holly | Reply

Love these! Especially the first one with the suit case. Cute!!!

Liz | Reply

Love it! Where on earth did you get the tablecloth shown in the cake cutting picture?

perfectweddingdressfinder | Reply

Beautiful ideas! Very creative!

christine | Reply

i was wondering where you got the program fans?! i just love them. we’re having an outside wedding and i think that’s a great idea!

Sherita | Reply

Pure Genius!!

Dani | Reply

Absolutely love the creativity and the photos rock! Where could I find cardstock like those thank you cards?


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