We picked up all of our flowers at the local wholesale florist and arranged all of the table settings, aisle decorations, corsages, and bridesmaid bouquets at the absolute last minute before getting ourselves ready for the ceremony. It was crazy but we pulled it off with the help of our wonderful wedding party and family. Every mason jar, vase, planter, bucket, radio, handkerchief, button, spool, etc. was either borrowed from a family member or found at local antique stores.








Bradley found two cute little pinecone birds at our wedding site’s gift shop, and I took them an added the feathers, tulle, and felt to create of little cake topper.





Jordyn and Bradley…thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us today. We wish you two lots of love and happiness in your new life together! And thank you again to the wonderful, Tec Petaja, for sending over this amazing wedding. If you haven’t ever had a chance to check out Tec’s work, I would highly recommend doing so. You can see more of his images on his blog or website.

Photography by Tec Petaja


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Emma | Reply

I love his boutonniere. I think Im going to try this for my wedding. Thanks for the inspiration.

leslie | Reply

this whole wedding just oozes with sweetness. they are such a beauitful couple too

Costume Diva | Reply

This wedding is perfection! I love all the sewing notion details, and the hand crocheted headband! Awesome job Jordyn and Bradley!

C | Reply

Fantastic details! I was just wondering where you got the vintage hankerchiefs on the tables? Love them. Thank you.

Nicole | Reply

Absolutely perfect! This is exactly my vision for my own wedding. *swoon*

Fiona | Reply

Absolutely lovely. I adore the buttons.

travelling bride | Reply

I love the details in this wedding, and the photos are absolutely stunning.

perfect bound | Reply

I’m such a fan of night photography. I love the way Tec Petaja captured the couple after dark.

joy thigpen | Reply

so cute! love the buttons and yarn in the jars. and great job tec!

Jordyn | Reply

Tec really does an amazing job of capturing every little moment & detail.

C- we collected most vintage hankies from family or local antique stores, but eBay is a great source to find these little pretties! You can order large lots for a low price!

chair covers for wedding | Reply

yes the black and white is dramatic. It also helps to have a cute couple.

Marty J. | Reply

I love this! I’m featuring it in this week’s Friday dance!

Jess | Reply

If the bride is reading this, would you be able to tell me the name of the store where you purchased the pine cone birds? Perhaps I could call and have them ship them to me. I am getting married in January and they would fit in perfectly with our theme. They are just what I have been looking for! Your wedding was simply stunning :)