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Faith | Reply

Nice woodland cake and groom’s cake. As with every wedding you pick for the site…this wedding is rockin.

Jennifer | Reply

Her dress is simple and beautiful. Do you know who designed it?

Christine | Reply

Another amazing wedding involving beautiful, creative people . . . thanks for sharing!

Amanda | Reply

I have never liked short hair for formal events (in fact, I am growing my hair out for my wedding – it isn’t even to my shoulders yet and I’m hating it already!) but she ROCKED IT! Hmm…makes me rethink my original hair plan…

Laurel | Reply

This is the most amazing wedding! The dress is exactly what I want. Who is the designer?

Rebecca | Tastefully Entertaining | Reply

I absolutely love your blog and am giving you a Blog LUV award. Check it out here:

Missy | Reply

This wedding is gorgeous!!!!! I love the rustic style!

maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

I love the details…silverware and chandeliers…delightful! :)

Marianne | Reply

I want her hair!!! My style is similar to hers, and couldn’t quite picture it in a wedding, but now I see it works. Thank you, Eryn!

Catherine | Reply

Please! Tell us about that dress! It is exactly what I want!

eryn erickson | Reply

wow.. thanks for the sweet comments. I didn’t know our wedding was on this site until a friend told me. That is pretty awesome, we feel honored :)

GEMMA | Reply

Does anyone know what designer made Eryn’s dress? I LOVE IT!!

Kate | Reply

I desperately wanna know where they got those stars! I’ve been searching everywhere for stars like that!

bethany | Reply

aww! love it. she’s so cute and tiny.
and i actually like that he’s dressed down a bit.

Rachel | Reply

The dress is so beautiful! Anyone know who designed it?

Rachel A | Reply

It looks like Sarah Danielle 5523 – – I tried that dress on recently, it was amazing.

Katie | Reply

That’s my dress! I’m even more in love with it now that I’ve seen it on a real bride. I can’t wait to wear it. — It is the Sarah Danielle #5523.

Ivy | Reply

where can I find the envelopes with the silverware on them???

Dearta | Reply

What a beautiful bride and wedding. I bought the same dress for my wedding. I love it! It was the first of 30 I tried and I stuck with it. I was wondering where I can find those beautiful candle holders. I have been looking everywhere for iron rustic looking ones like those and I cant find them anywhere.

Merideth | Reply

The flowers are beautiful. I recently discovered who did the flowers: Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio. They will also be providing floral designs including the brides flowers and table arrangements for the NOT WEDDING event this July 2011 in Atlanta! Check Gertie Mae’s out!

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