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So, this wedding is pretty different than yesterday’s wedding but what I love is how perfectly it illustrates that its the love expressed that makes a wedding beautiful and both these weddings have it in spades.

Photography by Becky Holladay


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Lori | Reply

Hey, we don’t read this blog because the weddings are all the same! I love the photo of him holding her chin as she wipes a tear… I love love! Such a sweet ceremony.

Alexis L. | Reply

This is incredibly beautiful! So much love.

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

How very, very sweet!

Jill Thomas | Reply

Oh my. Just amazing.

Samantha Garcia | Reply

She is quite possibly the prettiest bride I have ever beheld. What a beautiful dress, and veil, and flower crown, and lace sleeves, and pretty brown curls!

Maggie | Reply

I love this! And while I can’t get enough of the big beautiful production weddings too, it is very nice to see something that looks a little more natural and less professionally styled/coordinated (whether or not it actually was). I know they are all “real” weddings but this looks more like my reality, like a wedding someone I know would have, and one I would be honored to attend! Beautiful!

Heather Curiel | Reply

This is exactly what I want to look like on my wedding day. She is unbelievably gorgeous. Full style all the way.

katie barnes | Reply

this is so wonderful… i’m so glad that a barefoot (muddy toes and all) wedding made it to oncewed! love this…

Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design | Reply

beautiful! I love the both dresses!!

Prudence @ Flotsam Friends | Reply

What an amazing, dream-like wedding. Perfect in every way. The photography is just sensational and moody. But to me, it’s all about the dress! It’s heaven sent. Pruxxx

grace, a bride | Reply

this is the most beautiful wedding i’ve seen anywhere- internet, books, albums, storybooks. timeless and filled with magical love. thank you for the inspiration!

The Average Bride | Reply

I just love how these pictures captured how intimate this wedding is.

Tom Fowler | Reply

I love the vintage feel and her gorgeous dress.

Jenn | Reply

Oh, the one of her gazing at the rabbi teary-eyed – what a moment. Absolutely stunning.

HiLLjO | Reply

Real. And Joyous. This is just so gorgeous… especially all the captures of emotion.

nate henderson | Reply

Wow, i love the emotional high in these images. Totally fantastic

Laura | Reply

I love her style!! Who is the designer of that wonderful dress!?

Kelly Zajfen | Reply

Stunning! I can’t get enough of how beautiful the images are and that dress!!!!!!

Ginny branch stelling | Reply

Wow, so so special! Definitely one of the best I’ve seen ia while. Love.

alexia brown | Reply

Lovely! Where was the wedding?

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events | Reply

I love everything about this wedding, from her flower crown,to her vintage dress, to the AMAZING photography. Fantastic wedding.

Jolene | Reply

Authentic. Lovely.

Madison | Reply

Wow i am more than a little blown away by this wedding, one of the most gorgeous things i’ve ever seen!

Pamela Farrell | Reply

Wow, so so beautiful, the emotion of the day really comes through in the photographs!

Addie | Reply

Just beautiful… love the natural feel of it all

Kirby {Colors of Honey} | Reply

I wish I were there. the pictures are beautiful but they do not do them justice. they look so in love and like there is no one else around.

grace @ wedding favors | Reply

This wedding is very sweet and by just looking at the pictures you will be able to feel how the people in there feel. The bride is very pretty with the flower headband!

Angela Saban Design | Reply

Seeing a wedding such as this one is why I love being a designer, to take two people and their story and create a day as special as this one…it’s what dreams are made of. This one is simply beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Antonia | Reply

Beautiful wedding!! I want to know where did she get those dresses??
Absolutely pretty!