Sometimes I stumble across a wedding radiating love and happiness from every picture. Not only are all the wonderful details in the images above swoonworthy, but the couple looks so incredibly happy and content in the moment. When I first came across Tim Will, I admired his work immediately and when he posted this gorgeous wedding in Savannah….I knew it was a matter a time before it would be calling me back for a post.

Thanks for your patience this whole week while I’ve been blogging back and forth between EAD and Once Wed. It was a first for me and I hope you enjoyed the real wedding posts all week on EAD and Once Wed. Next week will be back to normal, but I’ll still be working behind the scenes like a maniac for the new site launch in October. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you here Monday bright and early!

[Images c/o Tim Will]


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didi | Reply

oh my gosh, this is to die for! so romantic!

Rebecca | Reply

Hi there,
Do you know where that boutonniere is from? Thanks

Once Wed | Reply

Rebecca, I actually don’t know where the boutonniere is from, but if you contact Myra with Twigs and Honey or EasterYu I’m sure they could help you make something very similar. You might want to try EasterYu on etsy first though. I think I just read on Myra’s blog she is booked till September.

wrecklessgirl | Reply

i <3 tim will as well. he has such an amazing eye for moments and time that can be retrieved later, and puts you right back into that timeframe.

myra :: twigs & honey | Reply

OMG! Lovely! I haven’t had a chance to see the photos of Molly’s wedding yet, but these are beautiful! Yes! That is a twigs & honey boutonniere! Hooray! Thank you for posting these fantastic photos. Molly and her hubby’s wedding will also be in Atlanta Brides in August along with the boutonniere. ;) Thank you! Gosh… beautifuL!!

Molly | Reply

Oh my! This is my wedding – and yes, Myra is AMAZING to work with (she also made a flower for my hair that I wore in the reception) and also, Tim Willoughby is equally AMAZING and wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for featuring our wedding… what an honor!
Best, Molly

Tallulah | Reply

What an amazingly beautiful wedding! Congratulations! Tim Will captured some amazing images; your wedding radiating joy and fun and beauty in every shot.

You looked simply amazing in your dress, I particularly liked how the sash was tied. Which Monique Lhullier dress model was it, if I may ask?


Molly | Reply

Tallulah – Thank you for the kind words! It’s the "Miranda" dress… we added lace to the bust area and let out some seams on the side to allow it to drape a bit more. It’s a really stunning dress, I am in love with it…

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