Forest Wedding Ideas

I have a magical wedding all the way from Spain coming up on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


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amber | Reply

omg…this looks AMAZING!!!

lisa | Reply

blown away by the beauty of this!

The Sassy Bride | Reply

WOW, that looks gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see it!

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

That looks stunning and I cannot wait to see it!

rose | Reply

wow, can’t wait to see more of the magic!

Miu | Reply

I totally agree with Rose!

Chelsea | Reply

omigosh, i cannot WAIT for this! that canopy of lights is pretty wonderful.

Monica | Reply

At last something from Spain!! I am Spanish and I really love love your blog, but I am a bit upset because I think I could never have one of the weddings you publish in Spain. Style is usually so different… I am really exhausted, and I am sure I won’t be dissapointed :)

Paula@DWItaly | Reply

Can’t wait to see this!


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