I’m so excited to announce I will be guest blogging all this week on Design Sponge. Grace’s blog has been such a huge source of inspiration for me personally and professionally, so words really can’t express how grateful I am for this wonderful opportunity.  I am featuring a fabulous wedding from Our Labor of Love today. Click here to check out the rest of this DIY wedding….

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grace | Reply

i’m so thrilled to have you on the site this week, emily! thanks so much for all your hard work- i can’t wait to see all of your posts :)


Marilyn | Reply

Emily, I can’t wait to follow you on Design Sponge! My only other favorite blog- how exciting.

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

I recently went to a wedding where the couple made their own wine and bottled it to give away to guests. They went a few months in advance so that by the time the wedding came, their wine would be actual wine and not just grape juice;-)

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs | Reply

congrats emily – that’s awesome!

liz from @home | Reply

Emily, this is super exciting…I’m heading over right now to see what you posted. congrats!

Kathryn | Reply

So fun to see you on Design Sponge! And a great wedding to feature. :)

ring girl | Reply

Congratulations on being featured this week on Design Sponge. I look forward to seeing more of you.

Darci | Reply

Emily, your wedding was gorgeous. Your photos are an amazing reminder of a beautiful day. The picture of your Grandma (?) adjusting your pearls made me tear up a little… thank you so much for sharing! (I followed over from, btw).

jesse | Reply

whoa, emily. i am so glad you found blogging or it found you. its a perfect match. you are so talented! love the feature! congrats!

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