If you’ve been reading wedding blogs for a while, you probably already noticed the incredible paper goods from this wedding were created by Anna Bond. Anna is the owner behind Rifle Design and not only is she a very talented designer, but she is also one of our DIY contributor’s here on Once Wed. Her work is really out of this world, and incredibly original.







Grant and Ashley’s precious reception is coming up next…

Photography by Tec Petaja


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Nikki | Reply

this is a beautiful dress. any info on it?

liz | Reply

i LOVE this wedding. you can see how in love they are. i especially love the picture where he’s reading (?) and she’s leaning her head on his. so sweet and loving. really nice images!! thanks for sharing!

Skyler | Reply

Anyone know what suit that is?

east side bride | Reply

He looks *terrific* in that suit!

kelly | Reply

how did the games work out? i’m planning on lawn games, but it seems to be puzzling a lot of people. would love to know how grant and ashley planned it or if anyone else has any adivce!

Kristi Vince | Reply

Where are these gray tuxes from?

Amanda | Reply

Where did he get that suit?!

Sarah | Reply

I see that a lot of women wanted to know where Ashley’s dress came from. Were there ever any answers?? It is my favorite dress yet!

Meghan | Reply

Hi there,

Any idea where the green earrings and dress are from?