Malibu 2

Malibu 3

Enchanting, right?? What a perfect setting for dinner! And the lights make it so magical… We love the combination of classy and earthy, nostalgic and yet contemporary… A round of applause and congratulations for Kelly and Britain!

mini desserts by Sweet and Saucy Bakeshop

food by Love Catering

lights by BellaVista Design

wedding dress by jenny packham

bridesmaid dresses by anthropologie

venue is a private residence

photography by Glen Allsop


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Lizzie | Reply

This is just WOW, I mean WOW!!!

Just so beautiful, everything!

Tracy | Reply

This is gorgeous and delightful and wonderful. Do you know what the venue is?

Kate B | Reply

Lovely and all. But all I can think about is those poor bridesmaids being stuck in shoes SO POORLY suited for both the ceremony and reception.

Audrinee | Reply

The bride is absolutely stunning! Such a gorgeous wedding.

britpopbaby | Reply

Maybe they’re used to wearing heels! Just a stunning wedding. Makes me wished I lived somewhere where I could pull off an outdoor wedding!

La-La Linh | Reply

I love her dress! Where is it from? One of my favorite shots in them in the forest. It’s very enchanting indeed :)

Tiffany | Reply

What a cute photo of the shoes looks like a ton of fun http://outfitidentifier.com/

Nate | Reply

Totally magical. Love the field and forest of it all.

Megan FashionableBride | Reply

I am completely in love with this and want to steal all these ideas for my wedding. The setting is perfect and it looks like they are having the time of their lives, exactly as it should be. Perfect. Swoon.

Meghan Jane | Reply

Where on earth in Malibu did this take place?? Gorgeous.

Casey May | Reply

This venue is more beautiful than anything I could ever have imagined and fits my vision of “the perfect setting!” Is thereany you could tell us where this is in Malibu?? Is it a provate residence???

Tiffany | Reply

In love with that cake!

Stella | Reply

This wedding is just so beautiful!

Nicole | Reply

Wow. The bride is stunning. The back of her dress is perfection.

Kris | Reply

So beautiful, this has got to be one of my favorite weddings that I have seen.

jane | Reply

Love the benches…where in Los Angeles did you find them?

Sam | Reply

Looks like such a magical wedding. I’m definitely inspired.

beatrice richardson | Reply

absolutely beautiful!! so romantic.

Beckie | Reply

Yess please do tell where exactly in Malibu this is!

Kate/MagnoliaRouge | Reply

Wow, what a gorgeous place to get married in.. that setting under the trees is a fairytale indeed!!

size too small | Reply

so simple and perfect. i’ve never seen anything lovelier.

eleGALA | Reply

A soft, lovely, fairytale wedding. Adore the outdoor dinner setting.

Jennie D. | Reply

What a beautiful setting! I love the tall grasses… so romantic.

Rachel | Reply

This, right here, is exactly what I want. Stunning :)

Peggy | Reply

Without doubt this is the most beautiful wedding I have EVER seen, the lights, the meal outside, the incredible stunning bride and handsome groom……so romantic……amazing :)

Micha | Reply

Where is this??? It’s the venue I’ve been dreaming of!

emily | Reply

hey ladies

just heard from the bride that the venue is a private residence. bummer:(.



Bliss Wedding Design | Reply

Beautiful bride! I love all the gorgeous details of this wedding!

Adriana | Reply

I would love to know who did the bouquets. They were flawless.

Amanda Thorson | Reply

this is so perfect….i don’t even know what to write.

Chloe @ Caught the Light | Reply

Glen Allsop makes me swoon. I love this wedding; it’s the stuff a photographer’s dreams are made of!

sonya at zenobia studios | Reply

such a beautiful wedding! the location is just perfection. <3

Bre | Reply

This wedding is downright gorgeous! I love the rustic outdoor setting, and the simple and elegant tables. The cake is beautiful! Love the bridesmaids dresses, got to love Anthro. Such an inspirational wedding!

Michal @ Navy + Lavender | Reply

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! Those lights in the trees! The dessert table! The getaway car! It’s like a movie… can’t be real

Kathleen@wwsdingswaterside.com | Reply

The hanging lights are spectacular!!! It worked
To perfection. I wish that night were mine!!!

Nicole | Reply

Absolutely breathtaking! I would pay anything to be able to have my wedding there.

Martha | Reply

Anyone know what brand are the shoes the bridesmaids are wearing? I’ve been looking for that type of style.

Claudine | Reply

So incredibly beautiful! Wow!

Kimberlee @ Gracefully Girly | Reply

Yes, totally enchanting! Beautiful with the natural setting and so romantic with that lighting!

AmyPunky Photography | Reply

I’m in love with this wedding!!

Prissi | Reply

SIGH! This is pretty much what I envisioned my wedding to be like! And in southern California too… alas, it’s a private residence. Instead I’m having to uproot everyone to go to a redwood grove in Berkeley. >_>

Cortney | Reply

I NEED to know more about the bridesmaids shoes! :)

Lynne | Reply

These are just the most perfect images of a wedding ever. What a location….stunning couple, too.

Katy | Reply

Is there any way we can get more info about this private residence. This is exactly what we’re looking for in Malibu. Curious to see if they might be interested in renting it out for the day.

emily | Reply

Hey Katy

It is a friend of a families and not available for rent :(

Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


CherryBlossomGirl | Reply

Love it all, it’s chic, effortless, earthy, ethereal, simply put: fabulous.
Can anyone tell me who the florist was? Absolutely stunning florals! The location is wonderful.