Malibu Farm Wedding

We’re pretty sure this is as close to a modern day fairy tale wedding as it gets. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they base the next Disney prince and princess off Kelly and Britain. :) It’s beautiful (they’re all beautiful), enchanting, and they seem pretty lovely on the inside, too.

And it was Britain (the groom) who submitted this wedding…so proud of his new bride and the wedding she pulled off…so sweet.

Photography by Glen Allsop

(More to come…)


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Ana | Reply

So pretty! Where are the maids’ dresses from??

kathleen | Reply

does anyone know where those bridesmaid dresses came from??

lizzie | Reply

lovely romantic wedding…so much excitement and anticipation in those photos!

Dennis Bullock | Reply

Love the look of this!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

This really is a gorgeous fairytale wedding! The images of the couple going through the woods is enchanting!!

michaela | Reply

this looks almost to perfect to be a regular wedding… that is one very attractive bunch of people :D

Ruth Boller | Reply

I would love to know where the bridesmaid dresses are from as well!

emily | Reply

I think the maids dresses are from Anthropologie.



Bre | Reply

Absolutely stunning pictures! Very stylish and elegant. Can’t wait for my details!

Elizabeth Mackey | Reply

That really is a fairy tale wedding….Everything about it is so dreamy.

Viet | Reply

Yes, the bridesmaids dresses are from Anthropologie. I own one :) but I don’t think they are available anymore.

Ali | Reply

Who designed the bride’s dress? Gorgeous!

Audrinee | Reply

The brides dress is by Jenny Packham. I love it!

anne-marie | Reply

Wow. Such beauty. I too adore the bridesmaids dresses. I wish Anthropologie was in Canada too.

Isabel from Dream Wedding | Reply

Incredibly classy. Love that car. All this photoshot looks like a hollywood movie backstage

Kate/MagnoliaRouge | Reply

This seriously is wedding heaven!! I love the one of them sneaking into the forest!

Eva | Reply

I’ve looked at all of the photos you’ve posted of this wedding and I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful if not THE most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for posting and inspiring my (hopefully!) future wedding!

Anya | Reply

Anyone know where they got the flower girls dresses? they are adorable. i have two in my upcoming wedding

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