Kiki And Andrei

For a lot of folks, the holiday season is engagement season, which makes an already lovely time even lovelier. Getting engaged is such a unique feeling…the nearly constant butterflies, giddiness, perpetual glow, and feet that don’t touch the ground…its all true, isn’t it!

above: Kiki and Andrei photographed by Ozzy Garcia


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Linda | Reply

Love this Anthropologie dress!! Sweet couple..love the geese and feather. Lovely photography, too! :)

Kellie | Reply

beautiful photos! and i just adore her dress!!!

Lauren | Reply

wow, what a dress! love these pics.

Kelly Sauer | Reply

wonderful! I love the tropical feel of this session – just a little wild…

Carrie Rosalind | Reply

I love the dress too! :) Beautiful photos.

Paper Moss | Reply

she is beautiful! i sound like a broken record… but that dress is just perfection.

Rachel | Reply

How gorgeous!! Wish I knew where the dress was from…. perfect for my upcoming honeymoon!!

emily | Reply

Hey Rachel

It is from Anthropologie.



Gen | Reply

I agree, when I saw this dress I knew it was perfect for this shoot. Glad I stumbled upon it : ) Great photos Ozzy.

ondressingup | Reply

Beachy but still sophisticated and gorgeous. That dress is killing me softly with its gorgeousness. The light and tones in these photos are just wonderful.

Finessence | Reply

Beautiful photos, love them!

Lana @ Lana Renee Photography | Reply

Love the feather shot.. I would frame it and put it on a wall.

Jeanette | Reply

Ozzy, you did an amazing job! I love your work, you made an already beautiful couple glow.

terri planty | Reply

gorgeous dress. and her fresh natural beauty is radiant too!

Andrea Harper | Reply

Love the photos! I grew up where these were taken and that park is one of my favs. My husband and I take a stroll or ride through every time we visit. great spot! congrats!

sarah beth | Reply

I love this dress and her hair! I need to trim down so I can fit in a dress like that :(

Rachel | Reply

Emily—Thanks so much!!! Fingers crossed they still have it and in my size! I love their clothes… and the dress looked stunning on you!

Nicole | Reply

absolutely, positively true. i’m so excited, i can hardly sit in my chair :)

Emma Ellis | Reply

These photographs are really beautiful.

Jen | Reply

so lovely!

Jasmine | Reply

I just got engaged over the holidays & when reading your post.. almost cried because the sentiment is so on point. I lost both of my parents & have no siblings, so this truly is the most special gift I could possibly ever have been given. I would love to submit our story to your lovely blog at some point. Best wishes to all of you!