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I absolutely love this adorable surprise wedding from Stacy Newgent. A sweet and simple affair with all your close friends and family, plus getting to see the look on their faces when you tell them your getting married that day…what more could you ask for?! Here’s the inside scoop from Stacy…

This was a really fun/quirky wedding. It was a surprise – all the guests thought they were just coming for a lunch party before Emily and Troy went to elope, but they decided to actually get married there in the restaurant so their parents could be there. Emily’s mother passed away, but she had her mother’s vintage dress shortened and the sleeves taken off. Then later they rented out the old duckpin bowling alley. Super fun!

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Photography by Stacy Newgent


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Aletha | Pearls Events | Reply

This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing!

Bird | Reply

Very interesting wedding! Love all the photos of the bride and groom, they have a wonderful chemistry between them.

Mouse | Reply

I love this. It really makes me want the surprise wedding. They always look so happy and fun!

hellopoppet | Reply

this is soooo sweet and touching. there are only a few shots but i can just tell by the look on their faces that this was one sweeeet and intimate wedding. i wish i had the balls to be this brave…
love it.

Jessie | Reply

Love your blog and especially this post! Your photos ooze authenticity and uniqueness. It’s not every day you come across wedding blogs that convey the overwhelming beauty of true love! Keep up the great work, and let us know what you think of our blog!

Chaucee | Reply

Aw that is such a sweet story! I love that Emily was able to keep her mother close by wearing her dress. That’s really sweet. And I’m sure their family and friends were probably happy that they decided to get married with them all there! It’s fun to celebrate with those who are dear to you : )

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

I dig the donkey wearing shades. Amazing wedding. I love that it SHOWS that they had so much fun.

spark | Reply

best wedding ever! spontaneous, but yet you’ve got the ones you love there. eloping without totally eloping!

KellyAnn | Reply

I love the retro feel of this wedding! It’s indie and trendy at the same time!

I especially like their invitations. They’re so unconventional and one-of-a-kind. Does anyone know where I can find something like this? They’ll go perfectly with the clear address labels that I ordered from

Thanks for the post!

my little apartment | Reply

oh my, I know Emily!! I haven’t seen her since maybe middle school, her younger sister was a theatre major with me at art school…I was reading this and thinking how lovely it looked and then it hit me!

really lovely and congrats, Emily, if you see this!

Guin | Reply

Oh my gosh! This is my venue! Well, we rented the theater below but we want to have our photos and play some duckpin bowling during cocktail hour, hah! How awesome. El Sol is a killer Mexican restaurant, by the way. Aw, so great.