The wonderfully talented Tec Petaja, recently sent in the beautiful wedding below and I’ve been waiting anxiously for the perfect time to share it with you. I don’t have very much information on their wedding, but what I do know is I absolutely love the elegant yet understated details incorporated throughout like burlap hanging over chiavari chairs, lovely white hydrangeas, and beautiful calligraphy gracing the tabletops….swoon! Plus, how can you resist a wedding with such a charming location and gorgeous couple?

tec petaja photography

farm wedding

Photography by Tec Petaja


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nicole b. | Reply

Dude totally looks like one of the Kings of Leon. Love his rocker style. And the bride is a vision, as well. Very impressed they could make burlap look chic. Thanks for sharing!

Tonia | Reply

I love Tec’s work!!! And the bride and groom are too-cool-for-school. They look like they just woke up that morning and were like, “oh, yeah, we’re gonna get married today and stuff,” threw on their awesome suit and dress (“what? this old thing? it’s just something i had.”) and showed up at the party. i LOVE low-maintenance, relaxed weddings!!! way rad.

Jane | Reply

you say it perfectly, it’s the elegent yet understated details that make this so beautiful. i love the rug in the field, and the animals too. it’s perfect*

mariah | Reply

one of the prettier weddings i’ve seen in a while! it’s the perfect balance of casual beauty and effortless cool.

silvana | Reply

Great photos. The funny thing is that I just saw this couple in Palm Springs while I was staying at the ACE. They were staying there too.

Molly @ Star Cottage | Reply

Wow I love the simplicity also.
Just Gorgeous! And what a gorgeous couple.
The alpacas in the background make it authentic farm~style. My sister and her hubby have an alpaca farm in Maine. I’ll have to send her a link to this post.

rachael | Reply

simply gorgeous.

Kyah | Reply

As always, Tec does an amazing job!

Angela | Reply

WOW! Nate is such a great drummer and he and his new wife look AMAZING on their wedding day. Way to make their beauty shine even more, Tec!

anonymous | Reply

I won’t deny that this is a beautiful wedding, but these are supposed to be real weddings. Celebrity weddings belong in the magazines.

schmegs | Reply

it looks like dude from KOL because it is. and he certainly does have a bride to match. you can just tell from the pics that everyone had a wonderful, fun time. excellent!

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Just gorgeous! Love the simplicity of it all and both of them rock the great hair =)

V | Reply

That is the drummer from KOL! Kinda surprising they had such a soft, romantic wedding!

Leslie | Reply

Crazy awesome wedding. Beautiful people, sunshine and wide open spaces, a fire pit, lamas – what more could you need!?

Tiziana | Reply

Tec is amazing. I went to his website and loved all his work!

Elizabeth | Reply

My friend Thad Cockrell actually officiated their wedding! He’s in that photo up there! He’s an awesome musician and close friends of there’s!

It looks like it was beautiful!

Paris | Reply

It’s funny, everyone is recognizing the groom but I actually recognized the bride! This wedding is gorgeous.

Lauren | Reply

Any idea on the dress? Love it!

emily | Reply

hey lauren

im pretty sure it is by nicole miller. i think we have a few listing in our used wedding dress section.



Cori Jessy (August and After) | Reply

You know, I’m pretty sure that it is a Nichole Miller dress. I’ve came across this one a lot when I was looking for my dress. It’s the one with a gold band at the bottom, although it’s hard to see. That should make it easier to find!

Melissa @ The Loveliest Day | Reply

This has to be my favorite wedding I have seen lately. Just perfect!

kristy | Reply

the bride’s hair is gorgeous! It’s a great compromise between wearing it up and down…you still see the length but it is swept away to show off the back of the gown and out of the way….great inspiration!

Oliver Collinge | Reply

Tec Petaja does it again. Great stuff.

Mimi S | Reply

constructive grammar criticism:
the wonderfully talented (no comma) Tec Petaja

Love the blog, keep up the great work!

milla | Reply

Can you tell me who makes the frames hanging on the wall? They have a rustic wood look to them; I’m searching for something just like it for my wedding.


Kelly | Reply

Any information on who provided the music for the reception?

Erica | Reply

Anyone know where this wedding was located? Amazing.

EL | Reply

Here is some detail from the wedding found on the web…
The ceremony took place at Brentwood’s Wolf Den Farm at 5 p.m., with dinner (catered by Nashville restaurant Miel) and dancing following in a barn on the property, the band’s spokesman tells PEOPLE. The couple’s first dance was to an instrumental Hawaiian lap steel guitar tune.

Kat | Reply

This is a cute wedding and the groom is rocker and the bride is gorgeous. Love the alpacas too. This couldn’t be this year because it’s cold up there.

Laura | Reply

Perfect lighting and a stunning bride!

bett | Reply

Kelly – the DJ was Geezus, a Nashville (by way of Brooklyn) DJ – 615 400-0285

Cory Weber | Reply

That’s my boy Tec! He always does an amazing job! Glad to see him published. . . . . . again.

karly | Reply

what does it say on the chalkboard below their names?

Meghan | Reply

The dress is Nicole Miller. I wore it for my wedding and I have to say it is soooo comfortable. Stretchy. No alterations required.

perfect bound | Reply

OH no way! My husband and I are HUGE KOL fans. I’m going to love watching him see this post and swoon, swoon, swoon. And I love that the groom wore his hair down too.

Meghan | Reply

And I am on APW on March 1 wearing it if you want to see a non-rockstar’s wife in it…

Janet | Reply

When I first read the headline, I was wondering how a farm style wedding would be done. After viewing these pictures, I can see why people would opt for such a wedding. It turned out beautiful! Very romantic, simple and warm.

bett | Reply

Kelly – the music was a nashville dj – Geezus

Danielle | Reply

I do love KOL, but his bride… Jessie Baylin is amaaaazingly talentend in her own right. You all should check her out. I met her at one of her shows in Nashville and she is the sweetest little thing. I am so happy that you all shared their wedding pics with us. They are beautiful! Much inspiration for my rustic outdoor wedding in October! :)

Andre Nievo | Reply

Gorgeous bride…perfect farm wedding.

Alpaca Farmgirl | Reply

Absolutely love this too! I have an alpaca farm and am considering marrying again. Love these ideas! J’adore!

Jo | Reply

That black and white film photo is to die for. It looks 100 years old!

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