I have such a weakness for simple, outdoor weddings, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I instantly fell head over heels for Anna and Phil’s wedding. I think it was Anna’s gorgeous dress which initially caught my eye…can you believe she made it herself?

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Photography by JP Wedding Photography


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Lauren | Reply

This is beutiful, what a lovely bride and perfect cottage.

nyer | Reply

where is this gorgeous wedding?!

Jessica | Reply

Oh my – this is so so pretty. I adore her blusher veil and gorgeous hand made dress. xoxo

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Such a sweet beautiful wedding! Love the bouquet to outdoor venue! Love the brides style too!

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper | Reply

okay, i was going to say that dress is great! and then i read, “she made it herself”

WOW! love love love it!

Angela | Reply

Would LOVE to know what the name of the venue is. It is gorgeous!

Diana | Reply

um, love that house!

The Wedding Contessa | Reply

Love the beautiful canning jars, candles and flowers! Such simple elegance! What a great home! Congrats!

Marija | Reply

The veil looks adorable. I love this wedding photography!!

joanna goddard | Reply

i LOVE that second-to-last photo — soooo sweet. this is so beautiful and simple. just perfect. xo

Kizzy | Reply

love everything about this wedding! dress and veil simple, sweet and classic. decor rustic and straight-forward. no pretense here.

abby | Reply

i can’t believe she made that dress herself- it’s to DIE for!

emily | Reply

I think it was at Wynkoop.



Amberdawn | Reply

I love that outdoor setting!! I’m looking to rent a vacation home in Massachusetts for my garden wedding. I have to wonder though, how did she walk outside in those heels! I’m surprised they didn’t sink in the ground. Looks amazing though :)

Anna | Reply

This is such an elegant and classy wedding. I think the floral arrangement is one of the most stunning centerpieces I’ve ever seen. And the house looks like it’s lifted from the pages of a Jane Austen novel.

Sarah Wedding | Reply

Wow! I can not believe the bride made her own dress. I love the two-tone contrast and the simple, classy style. The design is perfect for the setting and looks fabulous with her vintage-esque veil! Beautiful!

erin | Reply

LOVE the veil. What a wonderful wedding!!

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

Love this wedding! I blogged it too! If I made my own wedding dress I would look like a crazy person meanwhile she looks GORGEOUS!

Tara | Reply

Please, where is this? I’m planning a Hudson Valley wedding and I wish I knew what this venue was…

Irene | Reply

This really was a gorgeous wedding! I was honored to work on all the wedding stationary for the lovely Anna and Phil.
The event was at the historic Wynkoop House in Stone Ridge, NY (www.wynkoophouse.com). The bride did in fact make the dress and all the flowers were arranged by the groom’s mother. The ceremony was outside and the reception inside the barn which made for a very beautiful, unique event!

McKenzie | Reply

Oh wow. I just love her dress. What a talented lady. And I’d be happy to move into that beautiful house.

Emily Heizer Photography | Reply

I am totally bookmarking Wynkoop House. It is simply stunning. I really think I’d like to live there!

I also wonder what the very low addition with the roof is. An entrance to a basement? A clever hideaway for an a/c unit or something? It’s darling!


hk | Reply

her dress is beautiful! she did a great job! love the color of it.

Lizzie | Reply

Love this shoot!! So creative to make her own dress and it looked fabulous…

Alli | Reply

I LOVE the dress, simply gorgeous!!

Katie C. | Reply

The perfect wedding…sweet, simple, intimate…what it’s all about!

Katie C. | Reply

The last picture of the beautiful bride walking into the house captures everything lovely about getting married…peace, family, home, beauty…LOVE it!

Jackie | Reply

I love her dress – has anyone seen a two-tone dress like that for sale? I’ve been trying to find one, but I’m not nearly talented enough to make it myself.

Lauren | Reply

Jackie I have am in love with a two-tone dress too. If you find one, please let me know as I am a bride-to-be looking!!