This wedding just keeps getting better, huh? Kristin and Josh are just so stinkin’ cute and everything about their joyful, handmade celebration just makes me smile. Thank you two for sharing all of the sweet details and moments with us–I can’t get enough.

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Photography by Rinne Allen


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holly hatam | Reply

There is nothing better than a wedding infused with personality and uniqueness. Truly one of the best weddings I have seen. Loves it!

kristen bach | Reply

thanks to everyone at once wed and for all of the people who enjoyed the details.

jialing he | Reply

best wishes to you

Miu | Reply

Oooh, this chocolate cake looks so yummy!

Jennifer Eileen Photography | Reply

Love the simple, rustic, vintage feel! It truly is joyful and absolutely beautiful! I adore the simple table setting and the color palette.

Liza | Reply

I am so in love with this quilt! Did they use a pattern? It’s such a cool bonding experience for the bride and her maids and so personal! They had my dream wedding. Now I just need to pull it off myself! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful | Reply

So much awesome good old fashioned feeling it’s irresistible. Love it.

lily | Reply

i am from athens, ga. where was the wedding held? it looks wonderful!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

I love DIY weddings touches and these are no exception!! and the wedding dress really does look incredible!!

Hotel Palm Springs | Reply

Wow… it looks like a wonderful wedding!

Annia | Reply

A wedding as unique as this is always an exciting event to attend and witness.

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events | Reply

What a cute DIY wedding. Quirky, cute and full of personality.

Emma Ellis | Reply

I love the tree background! It’s so beautiful and makes it look like they’re in a cartoon. Great idea.

Gina | Reply

I love those plates the cakes are on! Where did you find those?

Patricia | Reply

Beautiful wedding with cute details.

kathleen@weddingswaterside.com | Reply

This is the epitome of charm. Wish I’d be invited :)

Kristine - Cool Wedding | Reply

This is a cool wedding. I love every detail of it! It seems like every guest enjoyed the wedding.

Lamar @ lamarwood.com | Reply

You’d never know there was record
breaking heat in Georgia that
day. The wedding provided all
the cool needed.

Lamar Wood | Reply

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