Ok, I’ve had you waiting long enough! You might have already seen bits of this wedding on The Bride’s Guide, but here are some more images from Kristin’s wedding. Aren’t the details so amazing? I love how Kristin was able to incorporate so many DIY elements into the day while still keeping it simple–everything looks so sweet and effortless.

Diy Wedding Bunting

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Doily Wedding Ideas

Diy Place Setting Ideas

Diy Wedding Flowers

Diy Wedding Inspiration

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Diy Wedding Cake Ideas

Diy Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

Keep checking back for more inspiration from this beautiful day!

Photography by Rinne Allen


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nadia | Reply

i know this was a lot of hard work, a lot of hours but the result is so beautiful and memorable- i do wish i shot more weddings such as these- beautiful. and just think how great to have these pieces to keep.

Heather | Reply

Do you know if and how she made those napkins?? I mean, it looks like spray paint over doilies, but that would dry hard. I’d love to figure out how to do it for my wedding this year!

Marilisa | Reply

Any idea where in Athens the reception took place? It looks so rustic!

Stephanie | Reply

This is lovely. I especially love the cakes. What is it that makes bunting so cute?!

Nate | Reply

Wow, I love all these detail images. Simple, clean, but not too staged feeling. What an awesome and fun wedding!

didi | Reply

Amazing little dress! thanks for the share emily, hope all is well : )

joanne | Reply

Lovely! I wonder where the bride got the ring bearer pillow?

kristen bach | Reply

thanks y’all! our wedding day was a truly magical day, i owe so many thank you’s to the many friends and family members that made it happen and rinne allen for documenting all of the little details.

i wanted to answer a couple of questions that were asked…
NAPKINS: i did indeed make them using spray paint and muslin. i then washed them and ironed them after being sprayed. if you use a thin coat of paint it works great! and now i use them for gift wrap.

PILLOW: the ring bearer pillow is made my my lovely friend llubav. she is amazing and i recommend her to everyone!!

LOCATION: the reception and wedding was at the brickhouse (
they do rent out the space for weddings and events.

CAKES: the cakes were made by the Grit vegetarian restaurant. they were all vegan too!

Llubav | Reply

Oh how exciting to see behind the scene photos of this beautiful wedding!! I love it all.
Thanks for the shot out Kristen! xxo

Molly | Reply

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful!

One question about the napkins. I would love to do this idea for my own wedding, but I am having a hard time finding doilies that aren’t solid in the middle (like ones that go under a cake). Where did you get the ones that have the design all the way through?



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