What I love most about this wedding is that I feel like the couple asked themselves and embraced my favorite wedding questions: 1) what elements of traditional weddings from our cultures are meaningful to us? and 2) what would our wedding be like if we had never seen a wedding before? The combination of their answers are truly magical…

From Jonas: “Day Two: Time for the first ceremony. Elora’s dress was made on the day of the wedding from Jasmine flowers. Elora was then sewn into her dress. The ceremony took place IN a river and after that we took portraits in the rice paddy adjacent to where the Hardys live. The reception that night took place under the stars under a large Banyan Tree. Elora was wearing a Jenny Packham dress.”

Unbelievable, right?? I’m trying to imagine how amazing that dress made of jasmine must have smelled… It makes me so happy that they dreamed up a wedding like this and did it! I hope it encourages you to dream outside the box a little more for your wedding day.

Photography by Jonas Peterson


Comments (17)

Laura Lee | Reply

OMG, that dress! those dresses! They are both amazing, but her first dress of flowers… I’ve never seen anything like it.

Valerie (Pieceful Wedding) | Reply

I’m completely speechless!! This is such an inspirational wedding!!!

Holly | Reply

This wedding is absolute perfection! I love every tiny detail especially the image of her hands like a heart!

Ciara | Reply

Breathtaking! And completely totally and utterly original!

Corinne Krogh Photography | Reply

In LOVE. What a dream wedding to be a part of.

tin | Reply

who made the bridesmaids dresses?

Brooke | Reply

Where did you find the bridesmaids dresses?

yael | Reply

amazing. can these people be my friends?

Esther | Reply

Amazing. An absolutely stunning wedding.

Briana Moore | Reply

There are no words to describe how truly stunning this is.

A Day in May Design | Reply

Absolutely breathtaking, there are no words. Just beautiful!

carol depasquale | Reply

How increadibly beautiful these photos are, ,just quite breath taking

Carolin | Reply

Where was the location of this wedding? we are planning our wedding in bali and are just in the beginning stages. any help would be amazing! Thank you

kerry woods | Reply

perfect wedding. looks very sacred and unforgettable. really beautiful natural atmosphere. everything was green. such as one with nature. You make it very well at all. wedding processions like these that will be sought after by many people. Elements of culture, nature and the sanctity of marriage into one for proof of love. nice and so cute.

Lucy | Reply

I think you showed us really great tips for couples who plan on having Bali as wedding destination! Love all this nature so much! Thanks!

Kathryn Hopkins | Reply

What an incredible wedding – beautiful from start to finish. Just shows what a meaningful wedding can be created by asking a few simple questions.

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