I’m not usually a fan of the color pink, but loved this wedding Jonathan Canlas recently sent in. Not only am I huge fan of Jonathan’s work, but also admire any bride who takes a little risk by incorporating such a bold color like hot pink at her wedding. To see the rest of this celebration, check out Jonathan’s blog








Photography by Jonathan Canlas

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Becca Pirwitz | Reply

these photos are amazing!!!!!!!! love them! i’m definitely going to check out his blog.

elevenhearts | Reply

so much fun, beautiful

operaghost | Reply

OMG, I want that bridesmaid’s shoes!!! Any idea what brand/style they are?

bridal girl | Reply

I am not a fun of pink myself, but I do love it in your wedding.

Amanda Katherine | Reply

I want to use hints of hot pink in my jewel toned reception. I think the other deep colors with work well with the pop of a bright pink. I love how the pink wasn’t over done here either just a fun accent!

Sarah Z | Reply

Her hot pink shoes are darling!

Tara @ Pacific Wedding Guide | Reply

Love the mariachi shot! Looks like such a fun couple…