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Tracy Thunderbolt | Reply

This bride has such style! And I love the orange tree, too. In case there was any doubt about the wedding being held in California. :)

Maite | Reply

Lovely photos! Where can i find that beautiful dress?

caroline | Reply

gorgeous! would love to know where that dress is from?

Alexis L. | Reply

So pretty! I love that dress, it’s so gorgeous!

Ruth (@MyLoveWeddRing) | Reply

What beautiful photographs! The bride is dressed gorgeously, her hairpiece and sandals a quirky yet lovely and complement her dress perfectly!

Kacie @ A Collection of Passions | Reply

What a GORGEOUS, simple, elegant and beautiful wedding. I love this.


Amy Benkard Rose | Reply

Is this a Mormon wedding?

Judy | Reply

I love her dress~nd I’m in love with her smile! so beautiful!!

Vicky | Reply

What a beautiful bride and I LOVE these wedding photos….GORGEOUS!!

Melanie | Reply

Thank you all for such lovely comments! Allison does fantastic work! This is a Mormon (LDS) wedding and my dress was made by my best friend’s mother. The hairpiece was made by another friend, Jennie:
Most everything was either made by a friend or family member. Thanks again!

E. M. Anderson | Reply

Gorgeous! I LOVE her dress, shoes, and headband. Mmm – mmm!

Mary-Clare | Reply

I am also an LDS bride getting married this Christmas. I am in love with this dress, it’s wonderful to see a modest dress that looks as beautiful as this. I work in an LDS bridal boutique and this is the most gorgeous modest dress i have ever seen!

Lisa | Reply

I love the photos you featured of the couple.

Kristen | Reply

I love the tie! Where did you get it??

Emily Heizer Photography | Reply

Absolutely beautiful! Was this shot on film or was it just processed that way? The last few times I have praised someone for shooting film, they had all shot digital, tricky, tricky! :) Gorgeous wedding! I just shot at Oakland too, but it’s only now that the wedding is all over that I have seen all of these beautiful shoots there!

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