The wedding of Karen and Vaughn reminds me so much of why I love talking about and highlighting weddings every day on Once Wed. From their handmade invitation to their wedding weekend camping with family and friends, every detail was a true reflection and celebration of Karen and Vaughn’s new life together…

We got married at a campground in between Ventura and Ojai, three days of celebrating love, and put the wedding together with the help of family and friends. All the decoration and details, from the food to music, was the outcome of everyone bringing their help and creativity to make it happen. We had people bring truckloads of hay stacks, firewood, and pumpkins. Aunts arranged flowers and brought homemade desserts. Friends made appetizers and homemade cocktails. ¬†They even helped us clean up…







Beautiful photography by Nancy Neil


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bridal wish | Reply

Cute couple. I like their hip wedding…

Chloe | Reply

Oh my! Nancy Neil is brilliant and the wedding is just so cool. I love it; them; everything!

Evita | Reply

Please tell us more about the dress!!!!

westsidewedding | Reply

What a cute wedding! I love the details, like the party banner & the heart on the pie!

Mouse | Reply

LOVE THIS! From her little twenties hat-veil to the cake to the toppers. Sigh. Gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve seen before!

Susannah | Reply

What a gorgeous dress. I would love to find out where she found it???

vaughn | Reply

thrift store believe it.
which is also a great place to meet your bride.

Olivia | Reply

this is everything i want my wedding to be and more….meaningful, authentic, and beautiful…

kathy | Reply

love the orange, red and yellow banner. so fun!

Amanda | Reply

I just have to say that I adore this site – it’s always such a pick-me-up if I’m in a bad mood, and it’s so beautiful!

Jessica | Reply

I love the retro feel of this wedding! So lovely! She looks so vintage! I loved dreaming over your blog before and now I got engaged last Saturday and I can’t stop looking at it! Thanks! :)

Nettie | Reply

I cannot believe that dress is a thrift store find. thats phenomenal. This is everything a wedding should be: a true reflection of the bride and groom and the life they will have together.

Kaitlyn | Reply

I live only a few miles from Foster Park! Before winning the free wedding i looked into getting married there. :) This wedding is absolutely adorable!

Christian Holmes | Reply

Oh wow! This is so cool! I love this concept. I would like to do something similar, but somehow I doubt my girlfriend would be as into the concept.

sedona bride { destination wedding photographers } | Reply

LOVE this! just goes to show that weddings are about love … sometimes people get wrapped up in lavish details when really all you need is the man you love and your friends and family to celebrate with you! { katrina }

Melesha | Reply

I love vintage weddings. The bride’s outfit is gorgeous.

california destinations | Reply

i loved camping in california and whenever i got married, i will surely choose this state for my wedding and ask the wedding organizing company to choose a best rv campground for it. as most of my friends also are rv camping geeks.

virginia | Reply

“I love it” you too are so cute! Im thinking of a camping wedding can you please tell me the name of the site.

MariaVictoria | Reply

Hello, first off, breathtaking photos, breathtaking wedding! I have no doubt that this couple will live on to celebrate the many beauties in life beyond this one spectacular day! My best friend is currently engaged, and we have been searching the WORLD for a venue/location, anything at this point! The couple really wants an out door wedding so that they can be surrounded by nature! If possible… I would love to know where this wedding took place… Specifically, even the spot number… again if that’s possible! I’ve been searching campsites all up n’ down the Cali Coast… and nothing seems as beautiful as the pictures in this wedding! So anything you can give me, will be wonderful! I truly appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Valarie Rene | Reply

How can I get more info on how you guys went about renting the campground? Can I reach the bride or groom???

Katie | Reply

I’d also love to know the wedding location! Please tell! :)

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