I loved this wedding from the second I saw it…the gorgeous photography by the always amazing Our Labor of Love and the simple DIY elements all created by the bride. As an extra bonus, the bride told me that she found Our Labor of Love from Ali and Evan’s feature on Once Wed which is always wonderful to hear as a wedding blogger.

Brianna was sweet enough to let us in on some of the details from the wedding…

One of the more important aspects for me was to have something from each of our grandmothers. My engagement ring belonged to Matt’s grandmother and I borrowed a bracelet from his other grandmother as well. I wrapped my great-grandmother’s rosary around my wrist and my necklace belonged to my great-great-great grandmother.


For us, photographs were of the utmost importance. I have degrees in art history and work in the curatorial department at an art museum so I refused to settle for anything less than what I considered to be art. Matt took a little convincing on this part but he came around eventually! I don’t think there are words adequate enough to describe Jesse and Whitney and I know people say this about them all the time, but it’s because it’s true!! Besides being really sweet people, they have been gifted with such extraordinary talent that we will be forever grateful to them. I had blog stalked them for so long once I actually saw our photographs it felt a little surreal.


I wore Carolina Herrera and Christian Louboutin; Matt and his groomsmen (all surfers) wore Volcom suits and ties in the pattern of the Guthrie clan tartan.


Much more coming up next…


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Tonia | Reply

I agree with Brianna…I think photography is one of the most important elements, and not something to cut corners on, when it comes to your wedding. Your photos are really the only lasting thing you’ll have after the whole thing is over. Your photos are AMAZING, Brianna!! Stunning.

Erin | Reply

Fabulous shoes!!

jesse | Reply

brianna and matt- sending the love right back at you! your wedding was so incredible…
thank you, emily for your wonderful posts. xo

ali&evan | Reply

Sigh…this series is so dreamy. We’re always amazed with the way OLOL catches the ethereal in their frame. Congrats to the bride and groom.

Emma | Reply

Love love love her bouquet – that last photo is gorgeous. I love the photo of them in the bottom left corner of the image, great use of space by the photographer.

Melesha | Reply

Her necklace is goreous.

gina bledsoe | Reply

I love your wedding! How romantic and beautiful. The ties the men wore are great-where did you find those? Where are the grey suits from? Any chance you wear a 7-7.5 and planning on selling your blue shoes?!


Sara Phillips | Reply

FABULOUS shoes!!!! Where did you get them?!?!

Brianna | Reply

Thank you! The suits were from Volcom, the ties from clanguthrie.org, and I found my shoes on ebay. Sorry, but they’re one of the few items I’m not selling! I’ve seen them a couple more times on ebay though, the style name is rosazissimo.

Mauryn | Reply

I love the idea of colored shoes. I think it is a nice way to add color to their day. Very cool!!!

shannon | Reply

Where was this wedding at? We are looking for an outside venue and this place looks gorgeous!

Florida wedding destinations | Reply

another vote for the shoes…..wow!!!!!

Karen Caudill | Reply

Hello there, you guy’s are so cute together! I was wondering where in FL this was. I am getting married and I’m trying to find a place we can set up a big tent and what not and this place looks amazing! So if you don’t mind would you give me the info on it? Thanks!