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Matt and I are so happy with the way the wedding turned out; it was a true reflection of us and I think that is what makes the most successful wedding days.


The ceremony and reception were at the Ribault Club, an incredibly gorgeous historic property near Amelia Island, Florida. We don’t have any family in the area and we live almost on the other side of the state, but I wanted a destination wedding and Matt wanted to stay in Florida so we compromised! Matt and I are very different, we’re both laid back and we love music but in this case opposites certainly attract, and that was reflected in little ways that somehow perfectly meshed.


Matt and I chose the music very carefully. We brought back the 80s and sent each other mixes throughout our first year of dating, so we have our own soundtrack of sorts. Matt and his groomsmen walked in to “Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash, the bridemaids entered to “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles (inspiration for the drink stirrers) and I walked down the aisle to the acoustic version of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, which turned out perfectly because right as he sang the first “i’m yours” was when I made eye contact with Matt. For the end of the ceremony, we had it arranged so at the moment we kissed, “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys started…it felt like we were in a movie!


Like many people in the past year or so, we ran into some financial troubles along the way and I had to get creative to come up with ways to save money. Right off the bat, I got my dress at a Saks sample sale and my shoes on eBay. I bought all the antique bottles, mason jars and votives and have since sold them. With the help of my friends I made all the cupcakes and put together all the flowers for the centerpieces. The flowers were quite simple, just blush garden roses, white anemones and blue thistle. I also made the menus, programs, drink stirrers, cupcake flags and toss packets.


I love Italian food while Matt loves traditional Southern fare, so we had both.





Ceremony/Reception site: Ribault Club
Planning: Amelia Occasions (Aurora was our planner and is a complete goddess)
Catering: The Chef’s Garden
Bridal Party flowers: Shea Hopley from Liz Stewart Floral Design, all other flowers ordered from <>
DJ: McGee Entertainment
Bridal Gown and shoes: Carolina Herrera and Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaids: Vineyard Collection, Priscilla of Boston
Groomsmen: Volcom
Unfortunately I forgot a copy of our invitation to be photographed but Kristin from Twin Ravens Press did an awesome job
Best photographers ever: Our Labor of Love


Photographers: Our Labor of Love

Ceremony/Reception site: Ribault Club

Planning: Aurora of Amelia Occasions

Catering: The Chef’s Garden

Bridal Party flowers: Shea Hopley from Liz Stewart Floral Design, all other flowers ordered from

DJ: McGee Entertainment

Bridal Gown and shoes: Carolina Herrera and Christian Louboutin

Bridesmaids: Vineyard Collection, Priscilla of Boston

Groomsmen: Volcom

Invitations: Kristin from Twin Ravens Press

  1. This is a very interesting post and i also like your blog site designs, have bookmarked your site and will be looking for future updates.

  2. Love it all… where did you get the groomsmen’s ties? Thank you! And congrats!

  3. I love the hair clip!I’m getting married in Fl – doe sanyone know where I can find one like it?

  4. Those table cloths are a great warm color. They aren’t white, are they beige color?

  5. The groomsmens ties were ordered from

    The hair flower is a Twigs and Honey piece I got on etsy.

    And the tablecloths were a camel/beige color.

  6. I’m thinking of ordering flowers from fifty flowers for my wedding were you happy? Those garden roses are beautiful are they from there? How many days in advance did you order and how did you store them?

  7. I LOVE that engagement ring! Can anyone tell me any more about it? Where is it from?

  8. This has got to be my all-time favorite wedding you’ve posted. It’s so romantic and the couple is so radiant. If I ever renew my vows, I’ll use this as inspiration. I would love to know more about finding Volcom suits! My hubby despises suits, but he’d be much more likely to wear one, if it were Volcom!

  9. Beautiful wedding!! I am also thinking about using and would love to know how your experience with the site was.

  10. i love love love this wedding! so perfect.

    i know you mentioned the groom’s suits are volcom, but can i ask where you got them? we want to have the guys buy suits as well and i really love these, and the color is great with your bridesmaids’ dresses (i’m going with that same midnight blue color as well, so i was so excited to see yours!)


  11. it’s absolutely wonderful!! where did you get all of the green/blue-colored mason jars and bottles – did you just shop around all over the place?

  12. Lots of questions, hope I can answer all of them!!

    The Volcom suits were ordered from a local surf shop but we originally found them on Volcom’s website, where they were available to order. I saw some on eBay as well. The color of the suits is “sand” which I think is misleading, they’re definitely gray!

    I had a really great experience with Fifty Flowers, I think as long as you follow their instructions on the website the care and storage should be easy. I just bought some basic plastic bins for storage, and yes, the garden roses were from them, they seem to have a great variety.

    The engagement ring is a family heirloom but I know several other women with similar settings so I think it must have been popular in the early-mid 20th century. Maybe try some antique stores?

    The jars and bottles were bought from local antique shops and eBay.

    I hope this was helpful, thanks for all the sweet comments!

  13. Brianna! What a beautiful wedding. May I ask how you made the toothpick signs, “Love is all you need, ” and the “Have a coke” sign? I am terrible with DIY, and wondering if there is a template? Much gratitude, Ani

  14. I second Ani! I love the “LOVE” cupcake flags. We met in Philly and those would be the perfect touch… any chance of posting a template? I’m DIY challenged…

  15. Brianna, my parents live in Amelia Island and I am getting married there in October. I love your wedding! Absolutely beautiful! I’m wondering who you used for hair/makeup in Amelia Island?

  16. My hair/makeup was done by Heidi Cormier of the Cormier Hair Salon, she’s based out of Fernandina Beach but will travel and is very reasonable.

    For the drink stirrers and flags I bought bamboo skewers, both long and short, and downloaded the Carnival font from Using Word I just typed out both phrases (16 pt font), leaving room in between to wrap around the skewer. Then it’s just a matter of a LOT of cutting and gluing (my glue stick worked perfectly). The same concept worked for the cupcake flags. You might need to play around a little to align things and get your sizing, but it’s quite easy!

    The coke flag was attached to a bottle opener for our old fashioned coke bar. I just googled “coke font” and then looked up historical coke slogans. Print it out on some card stock and trim the edges and you’re done!

  17. Check out for antique engagement rings. I live in NYC and mine was purchased directly from the store. I can’t recommend them enough. Great ligitimate antique jewelry

  18. Brianna, love the intimate details of your wedding… thanks for sharing.. I am getting married at the Ribault club as well….Do you mind sharing where you found the silver votive holders?

  19. Just wanted to let you know that it was this set of photos and all the wedding details that finally convinced me and my fiance to start actually planning our wedding. I loved the photos, she loved the bridesmaids dresses and table settings, and her brother works for Volcom so we are pretty sure we can get those awesome suits on the cheap cheap. So, thanks!

  20. Oh, sorry, and forgot to ask, what were the white flowers with the black/dark blue middles? I can’t find them anywhere! thanks again

  21. Kelly, I found the votives in the weddingbee classifieds but they were originally from Jamali Garden.

    The white flowers with the dark centers are anemones, they’re my favorite!!

    I’m so happy for you Bryce, I hope you have an amazing day and I’m beyond humbled that our wedding has inspired others.

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