How much do you love the wedding of Courtney and Taavo Somer? I recently spotted their beautiful celebration on Little Winter Bride and couldn’t resist sharing some more image on Once Wed. Everything about this simple and lovely wedding just touches my heart. Isn’t Courtney’s Zac Posen dress absolutely sensational?

New York Farm Wedding

Josie Miner Wedding Photography

White Cotton Wedding Dress

Upstate New York Farm Wedding

Zac Posen Wedding Dress

Vintage White Wedding Tent

Zac Posen Wedding

Unique Wedding Band

Jose Miner Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Photography by Josie Miner


Comments (33)

Dynamite Weddings | Reply

So earth friendly and gorgeous =)

Amanda Thorson | Reply

what a great dress! i also love the dancing shots!

Dessert Darling | Reply

This wedding is so rock and roll. I love it! Gorgeous bride.

May I ask, what’s the name of the china or from where did you get it?! I love those plates!!!

Audrey | Reply

I can’t believe how wonderful these images are – even the overly blue hue of the flashed photograph of the dinner table is perfect for the time period this wedding emulates. Always a fan of how clear everyone’s creative vision is here…keep showing me delicious things!

elissa, ebb & flow | Reply

that dress is incredible! i would never have guts to wear it, but she looks flawless. what a beautiful day~

the perfect palette {Chrissy} | Reply

what a wonderful homespun feel.

Lace.and.Likes | Reply

her dress. good god. its fantastic
and the whole feel of this wedding is just lovely

SP Weddings | Reply

So refreshing to see a simple and different wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!

SqueezerLou | Reply

Where did you get that amazing dress. Wedding looking beautiful.

Mary Kathryn | Reply

Dress = terrific.

I never knew I could “love” a dress…turns out I can.

Madame Tartine | Reply

Her dress and her hair are so cool! I Love this wedding!

bridal girl | Reply

Wow! I love these pictures! So cool! I really wish my wedding was like this!

sept wedding | Reply

Where did she buy this Zac Posen dress??
Does anyone know?

Nookie Doodle | Reply

Amazing photos, and yes the dress was fabulous! So unique and gorgeous!

e.day | Reply

k i know this has already been said but:

oh my lanta! her dress!!!!! so gorgeous.

love the shirtless dancing too.

Elizabeth | Reply

Will you be selling your dress? I’m really interested–it’s beatiful! Let me know: roxysnurf@gmail.com

Ellen | Reply

That dress is amazing!

kathleen | Reply

This is a Midsummer’s Night Dream. Period. Love it.

Lauren | Reply

wow that wedding is lovely, and that dress is stunning!

jessica | Reply

where did she get her dress? dying to know.

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper | Reply

wow, it’s pretty magical.

and her dress? what? awesome.

Tiffany | Reply

Love the black and white photos and how flowy the dress



Karen Hill | Reply

Beautiful, very poetic. Love the b&w photos!

Susan | Reply

Gorgeous dress! I love it!

Wedding Cakes Omaha | Reply

Beautiful. My son recently suggested that my husband and I have a “remarriage ceremony” in the woods. By the looks of this wedding, he’s onto something!

Ana Vicky | Reply

oh my god, that dress is PERFECT!

Jackie | Reply

Totally stunning. Does anyone know where I could find that table runner?

Emalia | Reply

I’m getting married next September and have been looking for a venue exactly like this-its perfect! Can I ask location?!

Bianca | Reply

Where where where can you buy this dress??????

Sabrina | Reply

Does anyone know where to buy this dress? Impossible to fin :(

Help !!!

josephine | Reply

I’ve looked everywhere for that dress or something similar, I know it is Zac Posen but where did you find it???? jheidepriem@gmail.com

AC | Reply

Stunning. That looks like real black and white film!

Maria | Reply

What a beautiful wedding! Where was it shot? It’s so perfect!