We both consider ourselves creative to some degree, but our crafting skills were really tested with this wedding. Nate is a designer and created our wedding invitations with some of my concepts collected from religiously following blogs. We spent many nights scouring vendors for paper, cheesecloth, envelopes, etc for the invites. We ended up using an incredible husband and wife team based in Oakland to letterpress the veneer and pre-wedding BBQ pages. We screen printed our logo on the cheese cloth bags for the invites as well as the welcome bags for guests, which included some yummies, a night light, Kleenex, a Big Sur postcard, and a “Details” trifold with all the information on the weekend festivities for our guests, which Nate also designed.

As for other DIY projects:
• My mom made the table runners and beautiful napkins, which have all been sent as thank you gifts to our family and friends who helped out a ton with the wedding. They were one of the biggest labors of love.
• We made the ceremony programs and tied rusty old bells on each one (sourced from eBay) that each guest rang when the ceremony wrapped up.
• Stir sticks for the signature cocktail and lemonade with our logo.
• We ordered flowers online and created centerpieces and bouquets the day before.
• Thumbprint Wedding Tree; idea came from other weddings. Nate made it ours.
• We printed each guest’s first name on canvas then attached them to stamped wood tags for table assignments.

My cousin is a chef in Southern California and ordered the desserts from a vendor of her restaurants’ the Tuesday before the wedding. The desserts were a HUGE hit and they looked pretty too! Our caterer was wonderful to work with and provided a delicious meal for all 80 guests, who are still talking about how great the food was.


My wedding dress is from the Vineyard Collection, Priscilla of Boston. Sweater is from Anthopologie. Bridesmaid dresses are from JCrew. Groomsmen’s suits are from H&M. Groom’s Suit is Ted Baker.

Kelty, from Steep Street did a perfect job capturing everything about the day. Our photographers were with us the entire day and really felt like long time friends from the moment we met. In fact, they were truly the key witnesses to all the special intimate moments we had throughout the day and I think they really captured our excitement and love for each other.

To see more images from this beautiful wedding, check out Steep Street’s blog right here.


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WeddingXpert | Reply

I’m just loving this wedding more and more. The bride’s cardigan is totally cute!

Jennifer | Reply

This wedding floored me! Does anyone know where the actual wedding was held in Big Sur?

sara | Reply

this is amazing! can anyone tell me the site they used?

Jen | Reply

I too would love to know the name of the venue/location for the ceremony!

katie ( Bride) | Reply

Hi Ladies!
The site is actually a private estate. They have a few weddings a year there. It is called Point 16.
We booked through our AMAZING caterer, Cheri @ Big Sur affair.
It usually very warm there this time of year— we happend to get a very chilly day.

The Sassy Bride | Reply

This is such an beautiful wedding. Love the shot of the tree with the lights ;D

a thousand mason jars | Reply

beautiful picture on the wood deck, hanging lights, view of water…loved it.

also LOVE the idea of tying bells on ceremony programs & having guests ring at the end of the ceremony!!

sara | Reply

thanks Katie!

Maya | Reply

I want the name of the photographer! I know many couples in need of someone with such an amazing eye!

emily | Reply

Hey Maya

Kelty from Steep Street photographed the wedding.



Jess | Reply

the boutonnieres are adorable! did you make them yourself? what did you use?

Katie ( Bride) | Reply

Jess, I did do the bouts also. I used sola wood that I found on save-on-crafts.com (a SUPER useful resource).

I figured that because they are “wood” then technically they are still more legitimate than silk flowers. :)

Gayle | Reply

This is beautiful. I too love the tree lights and the linen stationery.

caro | Reply

Oh, this is so beautiful. I’m going to say YES in October and your website gives me so much inspiration. I’m a fan for a long time … but now, I can really use your ideas and tips! Thank you so much. Greets from Germany.

sg | Reply

Wow! save-on-crafts.com is a really useful website! If I wasn’t getting married in just a little over a week, I would totally use it.

visualingual | Reply

Yay, I see our West Coast seed bombs in one of the photos!

katie ( Bride) | Reply

Yes, VISUALINGUAL! (A few of the my notes didn’t make it into the post. )But thank you thank you thank you!!!! They were a hit!

GM photographics | Reply

Just lovely! thanks for sharing.
Come visit our blog!

Elysia | Reply

i am getting married at Point 16 in 26 days and i am ecstatic to see pics from there! thank you for sharing your beautiful day! cant wait!

Kate from Poland | Reply

I’m from Poland and I’m so green with envy :):)
This photos are so amazing and sweet :)

Best wishes for couple

Katie from Atlanta | Reply

Hi Katie! Do you have any idea where your mother got the fabric she used for the napkins? They are exactly what I am looking for!

Linda | Reply

@ Elysia, how did you book Point 16? Did you book through a coordinator like Katie? I am looking for contact info but nothing is coming up. Please help me.
@ Katie, thank you so much for putting up pictures. It’s so lovely!

We just came back from Big Sur and I absolutely fell in love. I definitely want to have my wedding there instead of LA.

Katie from Atlanta | Reply

by the way, our names are Katie and Nathan too! How cool!

Elysia | Reply

Hi Linda,

We also booked through Cheri Gladstone. Her website is http://www.abigsuraffair.com.

Point 16 is a very special place.

Good Luck!

katie ( Bride) | Reply

Yay! Big Sur Brides!!!
I know that they are pretty selective with how many weddings that Point 16 does a year. It truly IS a special place. I am happy to connect with any other Point 16 brides! (( I have already talked/ met 2 others)
My email:

I know it can be challenging in Big Sur with vendors and without a coordinator. I am happy to help out if I can!

katie ( Bride) | Reply

Katie ( as in the other Nathan and Katie): we found the fabric at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco- we took the whole role. I am asking my mom if she remembered the brand. I want to say, Christopher or Charlie or somthing….

robin | Reply

Who did you use for a caterer? You mentioned you had a good one. Anyone else have suggestions on amazing caterers in Big Sur? I am in the beginning stages of planning my Big Sur wedding.