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The flowers we bought from Juley at Fiori Di Amore. Then like little forest nymphs we also gathered some wild flowers, grasses and berries, lichen covered branches ourselves on the property we were staying at.  I also collected bits of driftwood which we wove through into the decoration. We incorporated black horsehair, feathers and black raw cut gemstones into the floral arrangements.

The name cards I made each had a real little butterfly wing or two on them. Then we used pebbles here and there to hold down our menus from flying around in the big sur wind! We had plenty of candles also! We wanted the feeling of the dinner to be like an other worldly feast from a lost time- enchanted and somehow bewitched! Outside in the meadows overlooking the redwoods!

The cake was from Big Sur Bakery– delicious! It was a chocolate meringue and inside all the pillars was a chocolate moose with cocoa nibs.


Photography by Nancy Neil


Comments (12)

Rosaleen | Reply

that dress is out of control! and everything else is ridiculously beautiful. but how did the candles stayed lit with all the wind?!

Jeanette | Reply

This wedding knocked my socks off! I love Nancy Neil.

MPW | Reply

Who makes that coat?!

Wander & Scrawl | Reply

I love the rich, dark tones of her floral arrangements and her dress is picture perfect for the location. What a beautiful compliment to the foggy, ethereal dream-scape of Big Sur. Gorgeous!

Britt | Reply

Where is the property you held the dinner… it looks beautiful!

Chloe | Reply

I’m beginning to get the impression that Nancy Neil gets the best weddings ever. Totally gorgeous work as always!

Kym {Love Wed Bliss} | Reply

The landscape, the relaxed boho style and the lush tablescape – all completely amazing!

Kristine | Reply

what is the location of this wedding?

Kimberly Willess | Reply

Where is the location of the dinner…is this house available for rental….would love the information :0)

Jamie | Reply

I am a wedding planner and caterer in Big Sur and can recommend locations very similar to this. One of the pics, the one of them with the ocean below, was actually taken on my property and that spot is amazing and can be available for wedding ceremonies through me. This wedding was at private home that is to my knowledge, no longer available for weddings. However, I know of many that are comparable. Contact me for other spots through my website, http://www.seastarsbigsur.com