I just adore this sweet, rustic wedding I’ve got to show you all the way from Big Sur, California. Even though it is on the coast, there is such a lush woodsy feel to all of the details. Not to mention the scenery–check out that view from the ceremony on the cliffs! I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Big Sur…

Nate proposed the day after Christmas 2008 in my home town of Long Beach, in Southern California. A few days later we drove back up to our home in the city of San Francisco and talked “wedding” the whole 8+ hours. Big Sur immediately popped in my head as a place to explore for potential venues for our special day. Living in the Bay Area, we spend lots of time outside of the city on the weekends, and Big Sur had become one of our favorite places in the world. Endless landscapes, lush cliff sides, and some of the oldest Redwood trees in the country outline the immaculate beauty this magical place has to offer. Needless to say, the location alone really MADE our wedding what it was.

The afternoon of the wedding ended up being extremely windy and colder than we had expected for a late May event, but in retrospect it really added to the magic of the day. Also, people seemed to be more huddled together in conversation or around the fire pit or under blankets to keep warm. Our ceremony was officiated by one of our closest friends, which was perfect for us. It was not only personable, but perfectly worded to express all the things we wanted to day to each other as well as really focused on the intimate details we find most important in a marriage.

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Big Sur Wedding

Big Sur Coastal Wedding

Big Sur Cliff Wedding

Steep Street Wedding Photography

Photography by Steep Street

Stay tuned for the rest of this stunning wedding coming up next!


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Patricia | Reply

ooo beautiful! We are having a fire on the beach as part of our reception area too and the smores idea is so pretty! great shots

WeddingXpert | Reply

Look at that view! It’s incredible! Wow. I’m awe-stricken. I’m loving the bonfire…totally hoping they made s’mores that night!

Mary | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more- it all looks really unique, both in decor, location and photos…

Rhonda Giedt Photography | Reply

I love Big Sur and it’s a great place to get married. So beautiful and romantic all at the same time!

annie @ marry you me | Reply

You can’t go wrong with Big Sur. I’m loving those bouts and the bridesmaids peach and grey outfits!

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Love Big Sur and Kelty’s work! This wedding so charming and the boutineers and invites so great!

Lia (bridesmaid) | Reply

The photos are great.. but seeing all the details in person was even better! Congratulations Katie Jo and Nate – I am so honored to have been a part of this spectacular wedding.. you did an amazing job!

afreckledlip | Reply

Such a sweet, rustic wedding. I love the the invitations.

CM | Reply

Can you give details on how you made the bouts? They look so great!

G. | Reply

big sur is one of my most favorite places on earth. they were so lucky to get sun there (it can be elusive)!

Heather | Reply

Are you kidding me? Can a wedding get more beautiful than this? What a dream come true! I love the invites, so creative you two! You guys are adorable! Just the cutest ever! These photos are amazing! Congrats!

bzbert keely | Reply

I keep hearing “I could hold you forever” floating on the wind!!!
What beautiful sights and sounds and hearts and faces.

Jillian | Reply

What’s the name of the venue? It’s stunning! I love the wooden dance floor – I’m from near Big Sur and have been scouting potential locations there for a long time, but haven’t laid eyes on this one yet! Can anyone tell me where it is? Much appreciated!

Jen Hatton | Reply

Congrats Katie Jo! Absolutely gorgeous wedding! Very special place!

katie ( Bride) | Reply

CM: I ordered the sola wood from save-on-crafts.com. I basically just wrapped floral wood stems with twine and wire. I glued the flowers on with some filler. The colorful buttons in the middle were just a random find from Michaels, but you can bascially cover any button or maybe even use a Button ( which i contemplated)

kristy | Reply

yes! What venue? Amaaaaaaaazing!

monica | Reply

please i beg you!

Miranda | Reply

Who did that dress? Simple and perfect, would love to know!

Sarah | Reply

This is gorgeous. I am from the UK but my other half proposed to me in Big Sur and I love the idea of a wedding on the beach!
Gorgeous… Congratulations.

Aimee H | Reply

I would love to know where you got your invitations. It’s really odd that I came across this because I brainstormed the idea of hand printing those little linen bags the other night while falling sleep! Did you make them or order them? This is too funny. What a great idea regardless.

Stallar Lufrano | Reply

Do you know exactly where the ceremony was held in Big Sur? Was it a state park?
Thank you.

Jeanne | Reply

Can you tell me where this venue is in Big Sur? Have any contact information?

Mary | Reply

Gorgeous. Does anyone know where the venue is?

Jessica | Reply

This is a beautiful wedding! I loved the pictures. I would love it if you would share w/ me where you had your wedding in Big Sur and any advice you would have for me. I just starting planning my wedding and am going to do it in Big Sur (the most magical place on earth!) Congrats on a beautiful wedding and an amazing life together!

Michele | Reply

Amazing. Where did you get your wedding invites + bags? Love them.

Katie Jo | Reply

Hi Ladies…
it’s been a while since I have checked this post…
The place we got married was Point 16 (private estate) we booked through our caterer.
As for the invites, bags, etc.. we DIYEd them all ourselves.

Cathy Fleming | Reply

Katie Jo, What did you use the printed bag for and how did you mail these invitations?

Yehudit Steinberg | Reply

We’ve performed weddings here before and the view is spectacular. I think this is one of the most beautiful sites for an outdoor wedding we’ve experience. This is a great reception site too. And the food was good!
It is not on the beach but on a bluff that overlooks the ocean. at sunset you can see the sunset and the rocky vistas of Big Sur. very romantic….