Irish Wedding 2

Pretty great wedding, huh? What do you like about it?

Photography by Cooper Carras


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Jess | Reply

What a beautiful wedding! I love the ceremony location, the madras ties, the cardigans and wellies for the bridesmaids…the fun, stylish personality that shone through these photos! The birde did such a wonderful job with planning. Thanks so much for sharing!

McKenzie Powell Designs | Reply

From the best tree backdrop I’ve ever seen to the rubber boots and cute bridesmaid dresses… What a great celebration!

Ciara O'Halloran | Reply

Yay! I have been drooling over once wed here in Ireland for the last 2 years and always lamented that the Irish never seemed to have such stylish weddings…finally proof to the contrary! Gorgeous

Rachel | Reply

The shot of the wedding underneath the weeping willow (i think that is the tree?) is GORGEOUS!!

What a beautiful day!

Tiffany | Reply

Love the green boots! Too cute



Doireann | Reply

omg. the tree. omg.

Marilisa | Reply

This could seriously convince any girl to do a destination wedding! The tartan inspired ties, the cardigans, the boots- I love it ALL!!

Alicia | Reply

What’s not to like?! The boots, the cardigans, the tree…and the groomsmen are pretty nice to look at too :)

Lori | Reply

*GASP* *SWOON* That TREE is incredible.

Christina Brosnan | Reply

Wow! That is one lucky couple. I can tell you in all my years here I’ve never come across an outdoor ceremony. We don’t often get dry weather! Gorgeous!

Tracy Thunderbolt | Reply

How beautiful. I love that they didn’t overdo the whole Irish thing: the Guinness, the tartan ties, and the Wellies were just enough without overplaying it. I especially like that green wasn’t used too much–it used to be that Irish people never wore green because it was thought of as the faeries’ color. This wedding reminded me that everything Irish doesn’t have to be an explosion of green and shamrocks! Such a gorgeous wedding.

Stephanie | Reply

Re: the cardigans – it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the bride picked out a variety of beautiful buttons and had those sewed on so that each one is a tiny bit different. It was adorable!

Ally | Reply

That hobbit tree ceremony site is like something out of a fairy tale or fantasy novel. It gives me goose bumps! One of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing! I can only dream my wedding will one day be so lovely and charming!

Bron | Reply

Oh my gosh, I just LOVE her dress!! What a beauty!

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events | Reply

Have you ever seen such a beautiful tree? Holy cow. The bride was stunning, but that tree…

artdecodiamonds | Reply

Your pics are truly wonderful… theres something about black and white pics that i love!

Caroline C | Reply

The tree is jaw dropping. Nature is the best way to set the mood of a ceremony and this takes the cake. Stunning.

Palesa | Reply

i like the look of this wedding it has the perfect weather no sun but its still hot but it looks kinda cold gaaa im jealous and i also like it because it is not too trendy looking unlike some of the weddings if seen here it is trendy but it still looks like a wedding not to sorry to say “hipster” like

Monica Dart | Reply

what an absolutely stunning wedding! my dream is to shoot a wedding in Ireland!

Lauren | Reply

how perfect is this? where are those bridesmaid dresses from?! loveee that color!!

Isabel DreamWeddingItaly | Reply

Beautifu beautiful beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us such an amazing day and those beautiful photos!

Miu | Reply

Wow, this tree is very impressing!

amanda | Reply

Love her dress!! Does anyone know the designer?

Antoinette | Reply

I absolutely adore the Guinness and the rain boots! so classic and lovely. Inspires me…

Sara | Reply

Do you know what I love about this wedding? That it looks real, it looks fun and it looks down to earth, yet still absolutely stunning. I think I am getting a little tired of the plastic fantastic wedding photography that is being featured on wedding blogs, this wedding is inspiring, achievable and I would really love to have been a guest there!!! Love it!

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay | Reply

I love that it’s in Ireland. If I could afford it, I would get married in Enniscorthy where my grandmother was born. And of course, I love the green wellies!

Lian | Reply

Such cute rainboots and bm dress coordination!

Liz @ somewhere north | Reply

Reblogged with a few more details here: http://bit.ly/hEjnfL

kendall | Reply

the tree is amazing!

Josh | Reply

I’m curious to know if this was a “commitment ceremony” or a legal wedding? Why? Because I thought Irish law stated that no open air weddings were allowed. However, I think there could be ways around this and since my gal and I are Ireland bound, I want to hear how others have worked it.

Annie | Reply

I love the bridesmaids in their cardigans and boots! What a great idea.

Sarah Wilson | Reply

What a gorgeous wedding! The photographer is really good as I looked at this venue myself and it is really run down!

Ciara O'Halloran | Reply

Josh-you can’t have a legal or religious ceremony outside in Ireland yet. However I have played in a string quartet as part of a humanist ceremony outdoors in Ireland. If you have a civil ceremony beforehand in a registry office or approved location you are free to have whatever kind of ceremony you want outside. Hope this helps!

Ciara | Reply

Josh- I don’t know if the criteria is different for a foreign couple marrying in Ireland however it is quite common in many European countries to have a legal or civil ceremony separate to a spiritual or religious ceremony. I don’t think doing it in two separate parts makes the 2nd ceremony any less real or significant, there’s no doubt looking at the love and joy of the wedding above it was anything but fake!

Ciara | Reply

Sorry typo! I was trying to say the ceremony above could never be referred to as fake! I’m planning my own wedding in the same way separating the civil and spiritual aspects.

Annie Byrne | Reply

Pagan ceremonies are legal in Ireland and those can be done outside. Always have a plan B though for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland.

Katie Shannon | Reply

May I ask who the designer was of her beautiful dress??

Kristin Sabrina | Reply

Please help! who is the designer of her dress :)can’t find it anywhere!

a bridesmaid | Reply

The bride’s dress was Vera Wang and the bridesmaid dresses are from J Crew! It was an incredible experience!!

Ashlie | Reply

Oh.My.Gosh. This wedding gave me goosebumps! The dress, the tree, the groomsmen ties, the bridesmaids dress + the sweaters and the boots! Easily one of the top 3 real weddings I’ve seen on this site. Actually probably just one of the Top 3 weddings I’ve laid eyes on period. But I am a tad obsessed with Ireland to start with…so I’m a little biased, but only a little! ;)

Gorgeous! I love it!

Jackie Vintage Bridal | Reply

Stunning! Glad I’m not the only one who picked out the TREE – its just the perfect setting!

Cooper | Reply

For anyone who wants to know, this wedding took place at the Bellinter House in Navan, Ireland.

Jim Unger | Reply

Beautiful!! That DRESS!! …and love the ceremony site!

Thanks for sharing!

Iris | Reply

I am trying to find a wedding celebrant for my wedding this summer, who was the officiant that married you?

Thank you!

Chris | Reply

Wow beautiful couple! That location was stunning I love that tree and having everyone gather under it! Also the red door on the building was a great touch. Thanks for sharing your amazing day!

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