I’ve been a big fan of Weddings By Two for quite some time now, so I was thrilled to receive an email from Laura recently with a bunch of gorgeous images from John and Christina’s wedding. I think it was the bride’s fabulous vintage dress which had me at hello…

From the moment we were engaged, John and I knew we would want a celebration (more than ceremony). We share a deep love for Brooklyn and knew we wanted to have it in our favorite borough. John is a Graphic Designer and lover of all things urban design and font-like. I live a double life as web designer by day, and exhibiting paper/installation artist by heart. We did not have a large budget, and the search lead us to a lovely Brownstone venue that reflected our love for old Brooklyn. However, even though we are both creative people, neither of us seemed inspired nor motivated enough during the planning.

Three months before our wedding, we attended a New Years Eve party at an artist loft that three friends had recently started renting. It was a huge, but cozy, space with large skylights and a rooftop deck. At one point during the party, John turned to me and suggested that we have the wedding there. I looked around the room, imagined a bunch of paper lanterns and immediately agreed. Luckily, our friends agreed…

Yellow Green Wedding Bouquet

Heart Craft Paper Wedding Invitations

Mocha Silk Vintage Wedding Dress

Pink Green Whimsical Wedding Bouquet

Weddings By Two Photography

Honeycomb Crepe Paper Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Ideas

Stay tuned for Part II coming up next!

Photography by Weddings by Two


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melissa | Reply

My dream spot would be a backyard wedding, but I don’t know anyone with a large enough backyard. So, I always feel a little pang when people pull off home weddings….

tessa | Reply

Her bouquet is gorgeous! Its so different and unique which of course I absolutely adore.

Annie Oakley | Reply

Love the decorations – the flowers – the dress. Perfect!

diedra | Reply

the honeycomb installation is stunning!!!

Mary | Reply

Where are the invitations from?

kelli | Reply

I love photographers who use film. It just doesnt compare to digital. Beautiful images:)

katie | Reply

What a sweet couple and lovely wedding:)

Roxi | Reply

Where did the lovely bride find this stunner of a dress?

Christina | Reply

@ Jessica – The silver sparkly piece (over my ear) is actually a brooch I got sometime ago from Ebay, that Tom cleverly attached with hairpins. The gold/crystal haircomb is from a “wholesale” store on 6th Avenue called Dae Sung. They had a bunch of combs on sale for less than $30 (you usually see these things online or at bridal stores for $100+). I had to talk the salesperson into selling one to me (but it wasn’t difficult at all). The feathers were leftover material from an artwork of mine. Tom worked them in with the haircomb, making it look like one piece!
FYI: You can find great feathers and an amazing selection of sparkly things at M&J Trimming on 6th Avenue – this place will seriously inspire you to make your own stuff!

Netanya | Reply

I absolutely love the inspiration for this wedding. The 1930s dress, the wedding decor, and the pictures are amazing!

Thanks for sharing this,


haley | Reply

like roxi, i’d love to know more about the dress! it’s gorgeous!

Kimb James | Reply

where did you find all those honeycombs! i have been looking for them everywhere and pearl river doesnt really offer many..especially not in white.

Christina | Reply

oops, I posted my reply about the dress, in Part II.
Here is what I wrote…

@ Haley, Diedra & Roxi – I found the dress online. I checked my favorite vintage sites, periodically and signed up for all of their email updates, but I have Google Alerts to thank for the dress. I knew I wanted a dress from the 1930’s or 40’s, preferably gold – so I plugged that into the search terms on Google Alerts. I had no idea that a month or so later, I would find exactly what I was looking for! The website still has a picture of my dress. Bookmark this site, it’s a keeper: http://www.fashionhousevintage.com

Christina | Reply

@ Mary- My husband designed the invites. He also made a logo that combined our two last names and had it silkscreened on t-shirts, as gifts for our guests ;)

leslie | Reply

where is this lovely brownstone?
is it theirs or did they rent?
looking for an eclectic space in brooklyn. . . any ideas

Christina | Reply

@Kimb- I ordered from three places (depending on deals/sales): bulkpartysupplies [dot] com; asianideas [dot] com; save-on-crafts [dot] com

Carmen | Reply

Without totally trying to plug myself, I have my handmade honeycomb decorations listed on Etsy. Although I call mine pomettes.
You can also find them on my website @ http://www.pomflair.com

Love the use of the white, super classy!

Hadley | Reply

This wedding makes me smile and want to get married all over again! I love the theme and the colors!